Hello everyone
I m considering a position in Bangladesh.
I m a european single man with an African girlfriend, so not married yet. She is Muslim.
Would it be possible to invite her in Dhaka and share a appartement and the life there?
I would de grateful if you  could share your thoughts or experiences with me.
Thanks in advance!

Hello Martinmagna,

Welcome to  :)

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Best of luck , ;)

As a foreigner you can live like that.....but for us its a problem....hahaha. Generally, Live-together is socially and religiously prohibited for Muslim, right but now a days lots of people are doing that in here. So I think it is not a big deal for you.

There may be immigration issues as well.

Hi there
                 It shouldn't be  a big deal. there are many  living together couple's in  far as i know.  good luck

I don't think it will be a problem. Bangladesh is a moderate Muslim country. Beside people of Bangladesh don't bother with other national's culture. I don't think anyone will even ask you about the matter.

Welcome to Bangladesh.

Living together won't be a big deal at all. Normally it's like open secret in the country a lot of local even do it. But if u are looking a good job here that won't be so easy, i don't know your background and but there is always job for qualified people. There is many mnc here and also a many international school u can try ur luck. Normally if u are living a normal life in dhaka 1500 Usd is enough for 2 persons living. If u need more about dhaka feel free to ask me inbox

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