Urgent :INR 22 lacs vs 8050 SGD?

I have been offered a permanent role with an investment bank in SIngapore with a salary of SGD 96,500( 1.this includes approx. 1200 SGD CPF which would be paid out monthly, 2.Medical and life insurance provided by the employer free of cost) .My current Indian CTC is INR 2.2 million pa (Including PF -both employee and employer), I need to intimate my decision asap. Request if any one could help me with it? I have a wife and a 1 year old kid in my family and I intent to live in HDB flat.

My objective of moving SIngapore is to have extra savings when I return back to India after 5-7 years.

Thanks in advance!

Earlier I worked in Singapore around 10yrs back.  As per your salary, its looking good.  As you dont have much to spend on child education which is very expensive in Spore; you can accept this offer.  Only accommodation is very costly there. Other amenities were not much costly.  You can save approx 1.2 L per month in indian rupees as present rate is around 40rupees per dollar.

Many thanks :-) But I thought I would.be able.to save around INR 0.16 million per month with this salary in singapore.

Take the India offer.
22 lacs is better than ,8 grand sgd.
Let me explain.
It's around 3,20,000 per month  if u take 40 rs .equation .less or more.
technically , its more than 1.5 l p.m. u make in India. Almost double.
But singaporw is one of the top 5 expensive places to live in the world.
For singles , salary should be 5000 sgd ,family 10 k .
In short if ur going alone, 8k is good.
With family 8 k u can manage but remember education , accommodation is very expensive.
You have to know which district you will live in . some are expensive some are not with regards to the rent factor.,8, 9 ,10,11 are the most expensive.
If you are ready to travel then you can choose to live in a district where rentals are low.
You will save more.
Samhe mere dost

The salary you were offered is quite good for an Indian in Singapore (who are often given less than comparable locals).
If and how much you can save depends mostly on your lifestyle and spending habits, so nobody here can tell you that-

Ksunse district mein rahega .that will also matter a lot
With regards to transport , accommdation,schools every district has its pros and cons .
If ur going alone and want to live in the business districts , then ,8 k is good.
Else take the India offer if you want to save
All the best

I think u should select this offer. I had told same thing to one of my friend who recently joined here, and he is happy with my advice.

You can reach me ****************** for further enquiry if any. Good luck

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