Looking for a job as Quran teacher in KL

I am a Yemeni lady.
My native language is Arabic and I can speak English very well.
I am very good in Tajweed because I memorise the whole Quran Alhamdulillah .
I like to be a Quran teacher for kids or women .

I think you would need to speak Bahasa Malaysia for this kind of appointment as most children would not speak English and the same could also be true of quite a few women.

You also need a licence - and won't realistically get one

Hi, send me an email so we can talk about the opportunities to apply for a local school. Here is my email
Also, Send me your Resume or CV and many Islamic schools will look at your great skills and qualifications.
Good luck!!


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Not without speaking BM though as language of communication apart from www.imas.com.my.

And seriously it is a serious offence to employ an unlicensed Agama teacher!

Hi Raidan,

For your hunt of a job as Quran teacher its better to post an advert on our Teaching jobs in Kuala Lumpur section which is more appropriate for it.

Thank you


Ok . Thank you

Can I have more information on your availability and location etc pls private msg me thanks asap.

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