Looking for Mainframe IT job

Am well versed with mainframe technology having experience and presently in India.  Looking for an opportunity to work in Singapore for better prospects.  Need suggestion.  Also recently learned Java, Hadoop as well.

See if SpringAsia has anything suitable - springasia.com

Thanks for your reply.
Checked in that and I didnt find anything now.  Hope it will be in future...

Can someone tell whether I need to be available at Malaysia and then try!!  Will that fetch job fast process!

Can I try from online from India itself!

If I travel to Malaysia on visit pass; (approx) how much time it takes to get job in maninframes...!!!

Did you also  check Emerio? IT jobs are frequently hired outside of Malaysia. I cant comment on Singapore.

Checked just now. I dont see anything now.  Probably I follow this site in future to apply.  Any other related sites ...!

My suspicion is that this kind of position is not recruited outside as there are sufficient engineers available locally.

what is SetMY!
Is this a URL for Job opportunities!
If so , can you please provide full URL !!!

Not sure what you mean but here is a link


Being in Malaysia does not usually help with finding a job in Singapore - they are separate countries!

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