Looking for people to friend up in Frankfurt

Hi everyone, like the title says I'm looking for people to meet and friend up.
For going on a coffe, pub or just a chat.

So about me I'm 22yo I'm from Montenegro.
I speak English, German and Serbian.
Came to Ger. cause of a job offer and now I think I should meet more people.

I live in Frankfurt, Berger so it would be cool to meet some people also from that part of town or near by.

Hi there!

I'm Isabel, I leave in SF CA, traveling to Frankfurt for a week and really the like to enjoy some healthy great time with new people.... If you are up to meet for a water, beer, coffee, shopping or going out, I be more than happy to join. I'm free most of time for until Monday the 5th of Oct!

Hit me up?

Hey im New here too. Just settled over to frankfurt because of Job opportunity. If you like we could explore frankfurt a Bit.

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