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Hi everyone,

I am interested to start a business in Libya.  I want to open an all female only gym, with babysitting/kids section next door.  That way women can go exercise, get healthy, socialize, and make sure their kids are busy having fun too.  I'm curios about Libyans opinions, especially the ones that live there.  Would the business be succeed? Is it needed?  Would men allow "their" women leave the house?  I think exercise and stepping out of the house is a very important for physical and emotional well being.  Let me know what you think.  Any suggestions and/or ideas are greatly appreciated.   Thank you! :)

Please someone from Libya reply to my post :-(


Yes that could be good business ,if you do it in Tripoli.  I have sent you private message please check it.
if you need more details you can send me private message.
Good luck

Hi RMAJ, get in touch and I will put you through with someone who can give you some useful insight.

good idea

I don't think that Libyan men would mind their women leave the house, women do leave the house here
I'm Libyan and i live in Tripoli, i don't know how it's like in other cities but i know that it wouldn't be a problem opening a  women only gym in Tripoli, i myself go the gym and there are lots of women who train there, the thing i don't like about gyms in Tripoli is that i only have three days a week at the gym and i think there are only two gyms here in Tripoli that are women only
not cool :p
so yes i think that's a great idea ;)
best of luck

Salam Rmaj,
I'm in Tripoli now, How can I help you?
this is my email [email protected]


it wouldn't be such a great idea to open an all female gym in Tripoli due to various reasons; so i'll just mention a few of them.

- there are gyms that already cater to the female public; some open 3 times a week while others open 6 times a week.

- culturally speaking, most women are busy tending the house and family.

- last but not least, most men do like their women with a few extra pounds; or even more.   

- if you read or watch the news; you'd probably know that since a few years the country ( and its people ) are going through a massive crisis under all aspects of life; therefore going to the gym is not a priority on anyone's list.

maybe the idea of opening a kindergarten & gym for women would have had some success a few years back due to the presence of expat families working in Tripoli.

hope that helps.

i do not think it a good idea doing gym three times a week though i have been on this for long time my body was shattered

Tell me please, are you exploring other business ideas ? try to list other ideas so that people can help you which one is more suitable for you in Tripoli

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