British international school Riyadh


Just wandering whether anyone on this forum has children that attend this school?
My daughter is starting in Year 9 in September and I am wandering whether anyone that lives within a compound and has a child that attends this school may have a spare room or know of someone who has a spare room that my daughter and I could rent as we are still awaiting our permanent family visa and don't want to sign in to a rental on the compound we are moving into until we have it.

I have looked at hotels and other compounds with hotel facilities but they are all so expensive.

We are British and from the UK.
It would just be for school nights as weekends we can stay with my husband in Hail.
It wouldn't be for long either as we are really hoping to get our visas's just with Ramadan things at MOI have been closed and we have been unable to get an appointment.

I'm open to any other suggestions you may have , that are near to the school that we could stay, that aren't too expensive.

Thanks so much

Hello Sarah,

You can also run through the adverts in the Rooms for rent in Riyadh and even better, drop a detailed advert for your search so that you maximise your chances of finding an adequate room to rent.

Best of luck, :)

Thanks I will do x

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