TCN visa type after getting work permit


I have recently got my work permit granted by the Maltese government.

I would like to know which type of visa should I apply for?

Is it possible to apply fo a Schengen visa to enter Malta then get my residency permit?


You will need a visa to enter the Schengen area including Malta. As you are intending to enter Malta and stay you have to apply with Malta. … idity.aspx

According to this the right kind of visa would be 'D'.


You would need to apply for long-term visa (visa D). every schengen country has different requirements for long-term visa.

hi sir i got letter from employer recently granted my workpermit. wht is the next step? now took three months. but agent told we need to apply for malta visa? is right. how many days take for get visa?  afyr get visa can i apply in india for visa stamping? pls reply

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