Young Family moving to Brunei investigating good areas to live

Hello everyone,

We are a Scottish family currently living in Abu Dhabi. We will be moving to Brunei within the next 5 months and I am currently researching areas to live. We have two young boys, both hopefully will be attending JBS or ISB.

Any information or advice would be welcomed.

Many thanks,

Hello Hannah,

Really depends on which area you will be working in, and what conveninces you prefer.  Most expats live in Seria, close to the Miri (Malaysia border).
You can email me [at] *** I can give you some advice....

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Also potentially moving to Brunei with my wife, 3 year old son and 6 year old daughter. Would be living and working near to Jerudong. Job includes housing, and car allowance.  Lots of questions particularly surrounding the culture, and social practices, and our responsibilities in that regard. I must admit I'm particularly naive in my understanding of different cultures/religions, though am very open and respectful of others beliefs.

Hi Hannah,

Two kids here as well and equally lived in Abu Dhabi.
I presume one of you has a new job/posting and that there's some flexibility about where you can decide to live and/or put the kids to school. If you cannot come-out here "in advance" (direct flight Dubai-Brunei is available) then a solution may be to contact the Royal Brunei Yacht Club with the request if they could hang-out something for the notice board (you will need to prepare it) indicating when you plan to arrive and what you're looking for (in terms of size housing and any amenities you desire).  That way you avoid spending a month in a hotel-room with the family, while looking around.

If of interest:
We're presently staying in a 3 BR house in Kota Batu which is likely to be available early October (next posting not yet decided), very nice neighbours but as our neighbours we commute daily to JIS which is a bit far (to and from equates to well over an hour), but some car-pooling may be possible.  The location is however only 15mins driving from the new ISB-campus. Landlord may want to do some improvement works, so if he needs to "wait a month or 2" for your arrival, he may still be OK with it.
Message me directly if interested in more.

Best of luck with the forthcoming move.

[at]Gawbul: you'll probably be housed in the Armada complex in Rimba where many of the teachers live.

Hi Hannah,
We are also a young family currently in Abu Dhabi and will be moving to Brunei in January 2016.

We will be moving to Bandar where the International Schools are located - have been placed here & it looks a good place for families especially being close to the schools.

Think we are in for a huge change from Abu Dhabi 😊

Hope this helps

Hi Laura,

It's certainly a change, but there's a balance, so don't worry about it.
Our kids have really transitioned easily and enjoy it so much to see the rain and be able to play outdoors, explore the jungle etc. 
Stock-up however on a few items that can "keep everyone busy", because life can get a bit boring sometimes and don't expect too much from local shopping.

Best of luck,

Hi Hannah,

If you're interested in staying in an apartment which is 2 minutes drive from Starbucks and Hua Ho Bunut, and 15 mins drive to the Brunei Airport, [Moderated]  :) although in Brunei it is relatively safe. It's very new. I tried to upload pictures but I don't know how to attach it using links.  If you or anyone is interested I can send you photos or u can drop me an email at ***  You can also look it up "xx" Tanjung Bunut.

Best regards,

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the message!

Yes, my husband will work for RBA. We have two boys - each school (JIS and ISB) has a place for one but not both. So we are gearing towards the one that is offering my eldest a space, which is ISB. My youngest is still KG so not as important.
Ideally we are looking for a good community where my boys can play outside, friendly neighbours etc . Commute is important but family life outweighs that. One hour may a bit long though.
Sorry for late response, new to this site and was a bit put off with the "welcome I love you, let's be friends" messages 🙈🙈 Blocked now and ready to go!

Hi, thanks for the message. Apartments will be no good for us, thanks though. 2 young boys who I have promised a bike and a garden to!

Hi Laura,
Great to hear from you! I have loved Abu Dhabi but am defo up for the change. It sounds like a big change too!!
Are you guys teachers? No idea how to Private message yet...but if you do, email me. We leave AD at the end of this month. U.K. For 2 months then out to Brunei early Jan, like you!
Hannah  :)


One of my big concerns is the wildlife visiting our garden!! Heard stories about crocs, monitor lizards, it as bad as I have heard?!

We come out 25-28th October to secure a house and tie up things at school/work. We will then officially move early Jan.

Thanks for the info so far.


Hey Hannah,

We lived atop of a hill and had the forest right behind us and initially similar concerns.

Crocks: only when you really live at the riverfront, which is rather unlikely.
Monitor lizards: you may see some, but they stay away from areas where there are people unless you start feeding-them ofcourse
Monkeys: they find plenty of food in the jungle, but you may find them roaming the bins and some can be vicious. JIS even teach the children how to behave when faced with them and what to do to avoid as much as possible.
Snakes: definitely you will encouter them, there's no escape from that, but many are harmless and you'll quickly develop a "scanning ability" & the bomba will come-out to your house to take them away if you find them sunbathing on your balcony :)
Spiders: rather exceptionally that they are a problem.
The good news: you are no stranger to the problem and there are pest-control services who can come around every 6 months or so to go in and around the house and this is really effective.
Not sure if you like gardening, but that's going to be considered an extra security risk from now on :)

Wishing you all the best on your upcoming prospectus and you'll find a very welcoming community there.

Best regards,

Dear Laura,

Hi. Well here's a really advanced welcome to you and your family. I have lived in Brunei since 1998 and I work as a house agent. It all depends on where you want to be, most new families would like to be a short driving distance to their children's school, which is in Jalan Muara or Berakas (if your kids go to ISB) or in Gadong or Jerudong (if your kids will go to JIS). And of course, everyone will tell you everything is 15-20 minutes away except if you are in Serasa (near the port!)

Anyhow, there are many expat families in Brunei so I am sure you will find that in no time, you had made great friends!
If you need any assistance in finding a place, just let me know so I can send you photos and locations. Well, see you around!

Ching :)

Dear hanna,

Good to hear that you are moving to brunei to live there. And wish you all the best.

For me, searching a job opportunity there in brunei, hope i can have it soon.

Once you reach in brunei, please drop me a message about the situations and opportunities there.

Best regards


Hi Hanah
I hope you can help with a bit of info on Brunei. I am considering moving there. I also have young children (ages 4 and 7). I am a teacher and will be getting a salary of approximately B$45000 ,accomodation allowance of about B$1600 and tuition allowance. How much does decent accomodation (3 bedroom house) cost? My husband will be there on a visiting visa. He is a retail manager. Is there any possibility of him finding a job there? Is he allowed to look for a job while on a visiting visa? Are there suitable international schools offering good education? Which curriculum do they use? Would we be able to save any money while I am working there? We will be living a more frugal life...
How did you find living in Brunei?

Hope you'll be able to help.

Thanking you in advance.


i recomended u to rent my terrace house just 5-10 minute away from ur children school..

Sorry wrong sent :top:

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