Help finding lawn mower prefer riding one

Can any one offer help in purchasing a power lawn mower prefer a riding one. I have to grass cutters. Need something more quicker and powerful.

I live here in Philippine. Seems to be very difficult locating one here.

In Camagong Street in Makati there is a Toro agent.
Toro is the Worlds leading maker of Grass Mowing Machines.

i am looking for a 21 inch width cut, more or less, both Toro and Lawnboy make sturdy dependable mowers. i am looking more to what commercial guys use, something in the 40 to 60 inch range, then ExMark or John Deere make very good machines.

Hallo hanrysmith.
Before I retired I was a Golf Course Superintendant. So I guess I was what you call a 'Commercial Guy'. I have never heard of Exmark. But John Deere Make good machines.
However. I think Toro Machines are the best in the World. But not the cheapest.

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