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Folks, good evening, I am Stephen Makafui Ackuayi from Ghana. Can I apply for an employment pass while searching for a job? Please I need your help to apply for a job in Singapore..I really wont to relocate to singapore..

Have you done any research at all about Singapore visas? You should!
In short: No, you can't apply for an Employment Pass at all, only a company who wants to hire you can.

No, dear you cannot  get an employment pass till your employer has offered you a job and is willing to sponsor you. It is your employer who applies for your pass.

Wow I see. Okay pls how is the employment environment like. Do I need to come over there first b4 seeking for the job? Or I necessarily must get the job offer first b4 relocating

It is possible to find a job from abroad, but much harder than f you are in the country.
You might make it work if you already have a good idea of your industry, who the main players to approach are and maybe already have some contacts. Of course you also need something to offer a potential employer (e.g. special skills that are hard to find) - after all you need to convince them that you are the right person for them, despite the complications.and risk of hiring somebody from abroad.
If you are in the country, you can be more active in approaching people and building a network of connections, which is always the best source of job leads. To achieve this, you could attend seminars, trade fairs and other professional events in your field, where you talk to as many companies as possible.
Please note that a few months are needed for this, and for a job search in Singapore in general, because hiring cycles and decision making processes are long. You should bring the patience and financial means (Singapore is not cheap!) to stay that long - and return empty-handed if it doesn't work out.

You should apply in Ghana. Get the offer and your employer will apply your pass for you. But if you have money then you can go for a contract marriage and get a PR status. As a Ghanaian and African you have no chance of getting a job offer here. Unless you're. a Masters or PHD  holder with over 5 years of work experience.

You are exaggerating a bit: he also has a chance with a B.Sc. Degree, three years work experience and some niche skills that are in demand.
But applying from abroad has 5-10 times less chance than if he's in Singapore (my personal experience).

Wow thank you... So the summary of it all is that, I need to apply and get the job right here in my country before coming over right?

I am saying the opposite: Your chance of findinga job is MUCH smaller from abroad.

Oh I see, thank you sir.

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