Food and Dining out scene in Nairobi?

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Am currently living in Tanzania and enjoying it nicely.  I have been told that Nairobi is quite a bit larger with a bigger economy than Tanzania and that I should take a trip to see it myself.  I have been to Cape Town which I found remarkable, one of the best cities I've been to before.  One observation I had about Cape Town compared to Tanzania was that the shopping malls there had a lot more consumer activity going on than in Tanzania, where there's only one real mall that's consistently busy. 

I noticed there are lots of malls in Nairobi and was wondering if the culture there is such that lots of people are dining out on a regular basis and the malls are busy, or if they are slow during the week days?  Tanzania for example doesn't really feel as though it has enough consumer spending yet to support more than 1 or 2 malls, whereas I notice Nairobi has many.  Even the KFC's that have come here in the past year or so have struggled to really pick up as Tanzanians don't really eat out as often as in other places they believe.

There is a very diverse and busy social scene in Nairobi.  Yes a considerable number of malls have opened over the last few years.  Its difficult to say whether they are busy all the time.  Like anywhere else Kenyans have less spending money mid month, so the end of each month always tends to be very busy.  Also, mid week people are working, so the malls and eateries are quieter.  Nairobi has always had a lively nightlife.  Kenyans enjoy going out.  Sites such as TripAdvisor are a good place to research what is available.

The Kenyan economy is the largest in the region and certainly in the 14 years that I have travelled to and lived in Kenya, I have noticed a large increase in the 'middle class' with money to spend on vehicles, consumables, etc.

Regarding KFC in Tanzania - maybe Tanzanians don't like American fast food?  It actually saddens me that KFC has gained a foothold in East Africa.  There is some great freshly prepared local cuisine to be had.  Enjoy!

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