UK expat living and working in Malaysia

Hi all,

This is my very first post here so I will introduce myself briefly!

I am from the United Kingdom and arrived in KL about 3 weeks ago. I am here on an employment pass and working for a bank. I'm living in a hotel at the moment but will be moving to Mont Kiara very shortly!

I literally sold everything I owned in the UK and moved here by myself! I am keen to meet people my age (under 30).

Drop me a message or reply here if you would like to chat or meet up!


Hey Andy,

I would be down to hang out, i will (hopefully) be attending IUMW in the spring. Right now im staying next to Sunway Putra mall which is about 10min from Mont Kiara! Im looking for new friends in the area


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Hi Andy,

I'm also from the UK and will be moving over in the next month!
Would be good to chat.


Drop me a PM, sounds like a plan!

Hi Andy,
Welcome to Malaysia and warmest welcome from me.
Had u find your accommodation in Mont Kiara?.. if you are not i am glad to help.
Just PM me when can you be available or free to meet up.
Love to hear views and stories from young succesfull people like you.
I have a few british and norweigian colleague like you tht shift to Malaysia.

Hey Andy, I hope you settled in well and met some good people already. Malaysia is an awesome place!

Hi Andy

Im Allan....welcome to KL

hi andy how are you?? are u staying with your mom dad?? u need friends


I am evelyn from Philippines. Are you looking for a housemaid?.,If in case you need  housemaid I can come for personal interview. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much.


Don't need  maid.


Hi Andy, I moved here a couple months ago! Also very new here!Would be happy to meet up!

so bad I am 32 now. :(

Hi Andy
I did exactly the same. I have moved here on a whim with 30kg. I am 30 years of age but live an active lifestyle so feel a lot younger. I am in Mont Kiara every Thursday and am usually free around 8pm. Let me know if you want to link up

Old at 30 eh. Obvously a newbie  :D

In asia you are a baby. At 50 you are young here and can date a 20 year old and live a life of youthfullness. Old expat saying "you are only as young as the girl you are feeling" (but over 20 lol)

Welcome to Malaysia. Feel free to contact me if you need any helps.

Hi, I also just arrived in KL last month and working around KL Sentral. Would love to meet with another expats or local. Cheers!

Hi! I'm from NY but just moved from london for a couple month project - I'd be down to explore, site see or grab a drink if you're interested! I'm a 28 yr old girl working in finance. Cheers!

Hi, I'm live in damansara,nice to meet u

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