Left Vietnam after 3 month tourist visa expired, when can I come back

I spent a couple of months in Vietnam on a 3 month tourist visa. I have been in Cambodia for 3 weeks now. I have landed a job in Cambodia and now need to exit the country to change my tourist visa to a business one.

My options are either Thailand (very far away by bus), or Vietnam (Bavet) which is very close to where I stay - Phnom Penh.

My question is: Does Vietnam have a policy where you need to spend a month away from the country after leaving? Or could I go there on a visa run? I don't want to go all that way just to be turned back!

I am from the UK, so I should be able to get a visa on arrival. I went to Ha Tien a few years ago and I didn't even need a Vietnamese visa as it is a special trade zone or something

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