New members of the Spain forum, introduce yourself here – 3rd quarter of 2015

Hi all,

Newbie on the Spain forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Spain if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hello,  I'm just starting my expat journey, still in the US and will be for a while until the time is right to make a move.  I'm not even sure yet where I want to live in Spain.  I lived in Madrid for a couple months years ago, when I didn't have to work (college).  I suppose more research is the key and a few visits over the next couple years. I'd like to make contacts in the meantime. ☺️

Hi I am South African female recently moved to Seville after 17 years in Zambia and excited to explore this lovely city!

Hi we are Charlotte and jason we have lived in Spain for many years after returning to the UK in February this year we've decided to come back and try backpacking through spain and hopefully get work fruit picking.
We would love to hear from people who are doing similar things

Hi Myself and family are looking to move to Alicante before the end of the year and would appreciate and information or help form anyone that has moved to Alicante.

Although I am in Spain, it is the Thailand forum I am interested in.


Although I am in Spain, it is the Thailand forum I am interested in.


If you are interested in Thailand, I suggest you participate on the Thailand forum

You already have published a new thread there :

I suggest you post clearly all questions you have, so that when members connect, they can advise you as soon as possible.


bonjour Kenjee / Mallorcaman

je réside en France mais je recherche mes racines paternelles espagnoles
connaitriez vous une personne susceptible de m aider dans mes investigations (pour le moment je les ai retrouvé vers Tolède)
d avance merci
Marie :)

Bonjour. Jem'apelle Ian en je suis en Mallorca por 10 ans.

Before this I was on the peninsular for 5 years. I can help you with answers to most questions re life here.

My mail is ***


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Hi Carrillo-raynaud,

As you can see, it is an anglophone forum i suggest you to use english writing please :).

For your research, i advise you to post a new thread on our francophone forum > Espagne Forum which will be more appropriate and may be more useful to you.

Good luck


Hi, I'm also an ex SA, in fact still spend several months a year there on Leisure `isle, Knysna, maybe you know this. I have been around in Spain for 15 years, the last 8 in Mallorca. Looking now to establish another base for a few months a year in Thailand somewhere in a quiet spot on a beach. So, if you need any help re Spanish things, give me a shout.

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Hi ..
Iam tina i just moved here in madrid for fiew months ago.but i still didnt get any indonesian friend here

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Hi I've just signed up, we currently live in Almeria in southern Spain, but are hoping to move to the Canaries for the winter. I've just posted in the 'moving' forum for some tips, as we're struggling to decide which island might be best for us! Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Kia ora, I just signed up here - and sent a few PMs to fellow Kiwis before I realised I should post general messages here; apologies for the spam, guys! I'm interested to find out where the good restaurants are and some fun places to visit in and around BCN, and if there are any Kiwi 'meet-ups'.

Hi Mvak Tina, you will least one...but it will be in December aannd a bit further since I will love in Barcelona...🙋🙋🙋

Hi melanie..thanks for the replay..yeah...i got one friend from bandung now..

Hi Everyone ,
Been working and enjoying Barcelona ,but its time to move on and am relocating to Vietnam.
I need to sell ALL my furniture in my apartment quickly.
Check out the classifieds for some good bargains .

Hello! Expat from the US living in Spain for the past 5+ years!  :D

Hello everyone

My name is Stephen and I'm glad to have found this forum.
I'm planning to move from NY with my 3 and 1 year old in a year. We are gravitating towards Spain but still researching.
Is there anyone who has moved abroad with family that can give suggestions on where to move to. High priorities are of course safety, health care, schools(woudl be pre-K), we would also all like to learn Spanish, we would like to be near a beach but also access to city/town, activities, family friendly, have other amazing places to travel to relatively close by and a lower overall cost of living woudl be a bonus(which of course isn't difficult to find coming from NYC)

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Stephen, Marie, Emma and Ava

Sounds like you're describing Barcelona!

Hi ane111 > please do not hesitate to start a new topic and ask your questions on the Spain forum or you can post on your own topic here.

Let's keep this one only for the introduction of new members. ;)

Thank you.

Hi, my name is Jo. After the death of my brother and both my parents I picked up the phone after seeing photos of a little house in blanca(Murcia) . After less than an hour and without even seeing it. I've signed contracts and sent the deposit. I've never done anything like this before but hopefully within 3weeks my new life will begin. So excited.  :D

Hello everyone!  My name is Shawn and my husband (Gene) and I are considering a move from the US (Florida) to Spain (Barcelona).  I look forward to hearing everyone's success story about how they made the move.

HI GENE i dont kn ow the ins and outs of life in florida but if its anything like my daughter in laws brother who lives in california and my half familys in arizona and texa the cost of living scares the hell out of me.we came here twenty seven years ago ,never ever regretted it  never ever want to return to the UK,we came ,my wife and i couldnt speak the language unable to work because of work permits no where to live,but today we  have a three bed house with pool gardens ect all paid for  what have you got to lose and i was 55 yrs old at the time see you over here

Hi Stephen and family.I think you'd love Barcelona.It's got everything you describe.It is not cheap, but definitely cheaper than NY.

I hope I helped.



Hi there! I recommend Barcelona.It's like Madrid but classier and not very expensive.

I hope I helped.



Hi all. My name is Fiona and at present we are in taranaki in new Zealand. We are looking to move to Spain next year as my husband has a new job in northern hemisphere and to travel to and from nz to his job will be too much. We are looking at renting long term. Somewhere near international schools as we have a 15 yr old  and 17 yr old. Would appreciate any advise you may have re schools and living expenses.

Hey everyone  :cheers: !

I'm Encarta, I'm from Madrid, Spain, so, I'm Spanish. I'm looking forward a Language exchanges or just meeting anyone.

Currently studying a master at Politecnica University, and this is where I spend most of my time, which is good as I love walking near the university.

Looking forward to conversing with many of you on here.

Lived in Nice for 2 years before returning home to Edinburgh.  Would love to move back to the Med but have a few challenges including children/schools and work!  But keen to visit ALICANTE and possibly move in 2 years.  Life is an adventure.  :cool:

Hello everyone! My name is Tim, and I've been living in Europe for the last eight years, working, traveling, and playing basketball. I now live in Pamplona, Spain as an au pair. My contract will soon expire and I'm trying to figure out what to do next, and how to legally stay in Spain (illegally seems to be a lot easier). As an American it is a bit difficult to live (for more than 3 months) and travel as I please, so I am constantly traveling, in case I don't find a way to stay longer.

I've been blogging for just over a year, mostly just about my travels, but more recently, about the Spanish culture  and how I perceive it. I am very much enjoying this country and all it has to offer. I enjoy meeting new people so please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Hi! I just got married with a British living in Spain. Now, we both agree to settle here in Philippines. We got villa and 3bedroom apartment in San Javier LA Mangga Mar Menor Murcia, views there are fantastic you might want to check I can send you pictures. We posted our villa in the state agents but I can send you more details if you can give me your e mail address.

I hope I am helping you settle down as we are also slowly settling.we just have to sell the villa and apartment so soon.

Thanks for the like cannon your my first liker...thanks :-)

Hi my name is Craig.
Best wishes from Scotland. :cheers:

I am looking for a job in basque country.  If anyone could help me please

Hellooo everyone ! Im claudia from atlanta georgia united states and i am thinking about going to school in spain.... To me it seems almost impossible to do so, but at the same time i know its possible... does anyone know about work or educational permits or how hard it is to find a job ? :/ i work as a dental assistant here... i do speak spanish as well

My name is Theresia, I am from Namibia.  I live in Calella.

caneloo :

Hellooo everyone ! Im claudia from atlanta georgia united states and i am thinking about going to school in spain.... To me it seems almost impossible to do so, but at the same time i know its possible... does anyone know about work or educational permits or how hard it is to find a job ? :/ i work as a dental assistant here... i do speak spanish as well

Dental assistant is like dental hygienist?

Here you can find job offers: . In search put: 'higienista' or 'auxiliar de clínica dental'

I have a friend that is dental hygienist, she found work soon (in Madrid), but it's a little hard, she works 40 hours/week for 1000 euros/month. But I suposse it depends the clinic.

I know nothing about work or educational permits.


hi everyone,
my name is lin, me and my hubby are trying to go by sea and land trip to lucena,cordoba spain this coming oct .
could anybody suggest  us what simple route we go, we are from ireland, our ship is  from rosslare to cherbourg.
please, assist us what way to go to.

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