Open a Malaysian cafe in Birmingham: Worried about investment

Hi All,

I'm Rina from Malaysia. I am a 50 year old woman. My daughter has been studying and staying in UK for 7 years. I intend to apply Tier 1 visa to open a Malaysian cafe in Birmingham soon. But, I'm quite worried with this investment. Because Malaysian food is not as popular/well known as Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese food. Please advise.

Hello there Rina,

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A new thread has been created from your post on the Birmingham forum so that you may get some advices and feedbacks concerning your cafe project.

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Hi, I used to live nearby Birmingham and always visited the Malaysian restaurant there. Now planning to migrate to UK next year. Hubby is there now and plan to open a take away. I think the main problem with opening the Malaysian restaurant is to find legal chef who can cook malaysian food as my husband is also looking for one for the take away. There is already one Malaysian Delight restaurant in Birmingham Chinatown and they are quite good. So there will be a competition already.

Find staff with right working visa is a major issue in restaurant business in uk. Takeaway is a better option.