Belgian cuisine


When living abroad, tasting the local cuisine is part of discovering the country.

What is your favorite food in Belgium?

What is the local speciality?

Share with us the local tastes of Belgium and why not your best recipe.

Thank you in advance,


Oh Priscilla, you've picked one of my favorite subjects........cuisine/cooking/baking/eating 

I just love Belgian chocolate.  Before I moved to Belgium I never cared for chocolate, but after the first time tasting Belgian chocolate I was sold.   It makes the best brownies, cupcakes, mousse and hot chocolate.  It's the perfect pick-me-up treat as well.  Dark chocolate is the way to go.  Hasselt is known for Speculaas or Speculoos cookies.  I use these cookies a lot in my baked goods.  Hasselt is also known for its jenever (gin).  Delicious.

I have sooo many recipes, a mix of American and Belgian.  I don't have one favorite.

Hello Priscilla,

The gastronomy in Belgium may be treated in two ways:

-Belgium is the country of the FRITES (french fries). At one point even that an application for recognition was introduced to UNESCO.
-If you are in the Flemish part of Belgium, people will talk you about Stoofvlees. It is in summary beef simmered in a beer sauce. There is a well on "official" recipes but each family prepare them in his own way.
-If you are in the Walloon part, people speak you of balls with rabbit sauce... They are meatballs cooked in a sauce with onions and lots of other good stuff. Same thing, there is the official income and the family.
-Belgium is at the crossroads of Europe and had a multicultural population, gastronomy is rich and well developed. With some peculiarities as the preference for dishes in sauce but especially durable plates garnished. We hate the bases of restoration where we find the meat by chance pulling vegetables...
- And to accompany our meal, we have a card over 1100 kinds of different beers...

But we also love sweet preparation like :
WAFEL … e-recette/

So if you hope to lose weight in Belgium, it's a bad start ...

the best belgian cuisine!!!!!

fin de siecle !
I guarantee!!

Belgian chocolate is the best! I personaly love the one from the Wommelgem, where Im currently living...

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