Safety in Brunei


We would like to talk about a sensitive but important topic: do you feel safe in Brunei?

How would you define the level of safety in the country?

Can you walk safely during the day and at night without any fear?

Do you think there is a high rate of criminality, social problems or tensions?

Share with us your insight on safety in Brunei and in the city you live in.

Thank you in advance,


Yea, Brunei is very safe, we never feel any unsafe from robbers, snatchers, its a very very peaceful country, though some stealing cases are reported recently otherwise its a very very safe country.

Fully agree with pkian37 although once and a while an extremely cruel story comes-out, but I've never heard about an expat being involved in that.  Burglary is however more problematic and I have seen people putting-up barb-wire around the perimeter of their plot (good neighbourhoods, alarms in place, etc) which they wouldn't do if there weren't a reason for it.

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