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Hi My name is Marineil Loyola. I am interested to find work in Kuala Lumpur. I am a filipino. I have a call center experience for two years. I will have my vacation in Kuala Lumpur next year for two weeks. And I would like to apply while I am staying in Kuala Lumpur.
Can you help me find work in Kuala Lumpur?
I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I am a single mother and would bring my son with me when I would have a permanent job in Kuala Lumpur.

Marineil Loyola

Call centre work does not pay sufficient salary to qualify to have dependents living with you on a Foreign Worker Pass. You would need a salary of RM5k per month to qualify for an Employment Pass, which does allow you to have dependents in Malaysia. 

Suggest you take a casual check of the various job websites to see if any jobs fit your profile and are able to hire foreigners - remembering you will need at least 2 years relevant experience to get a EP for a job.

Banking and finance at EP level are unlikely career avenues here for you, as they are an area where better qualified Malaysians work and there is a constant supply of candidates. This is also because of language needs which you are unlikely to fulfil.

Its a long way ahead until you plan to come, so use the time to do some research.

Thanks for the reply. I did read it online. I am a bit disappointed since i have problems with the language. Neverthe less i will still continue with my two weeks vacation and if i can find work it would be a bonus. In God's time i might find work. And of course I will not mess up my son's education. If i cannot find work then i will just enjoy my vacation soon!

Hi I am also Filipina. I was working for a SG company with customer service based here in KL. The 2 week vacation is not enough if you are interested to find a callcenter job. They prefer locals or those with work permit. They also require Bahasa or Chinese speaking. The pay they offer is ok if you are single and not supporting a family like me. The rent and cost of living is almost like in he Philippines. On my first 6months my tax was a bit high too. Try to read more and check for job opening. If you want to try I can refer you to Emerio they took care of everything when they hired me they have walk in interview on July 20-22. Send me a PM if you want more details.

Hi call centre work is usually for the desperate. And a short term job after graduation. You will find it mentally stressful from all the abuse from callers and management who will treat you lower than a slave especially as a Pinoy.

Best avoided. And pay so low you wont survive with a child. … amp;src=44

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