Moving to Singapore

I am 27, single, male, based out of Bangalore. I am considering getting a job in Singapore. I  have some idea about the cost of living in Singapore but I have a very specific question. I would really appreciate if anyone can answer it.

I want to save/send home INR1,00,000 every month. How much monthly salary/CTC should I ask for to my employer?

About me:
I live a very normal life, eating out/Pubbing once/twice in a month in a middle standard place, I like to cook and eat at home regularly, I don't go to Barista or Coffee day for morning coffee not much into shopping and stuff. I am ready to stay in a shared accommodation with a roommate.

As usual with cost of living questions, much depends on your daily spending choices.
You can spend S$400/month to rent a bed (bunk) in a room shared with six others, or S$2000 for a room in a (shared) luxury Condo.
Pubbing (as anything involving entertainment and especially alcohol) is an extremely expensive hobby in Singapore - consider at least S$200 for an evening in a Disco with two/three drinks, some snacks and the taxi ride home. You can easily spend a multiple!
Cooking yourself costs more than eating at the very economical hawker centres, where you can find many kinds of food at S$5-8 for a meal (incl. drink).
I'd estimate you need S$800-1000/month for daily expenses (simple lifestyle, no pubbing, travelling, alcohol, smoking, no family or girlfriend to entertain) and S$800-1000/month to rent a room with shared bath in an HDB flat.
To save a hundred thousand Indian rupees a month (which is over S$2100/month), add that amount to the monthly living expenses plus this amount (and 4-8% for taxes, insurance, etc.).

Thank you sir. I really appreciate.

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