Granada compound advice

Dear current or previous Riyadh expats,

My family and I (husband and wife in early 30's and 5 year old child) are moving to Riyadh in August. Our employer's provided housing allowance doesn't allow us to stay at our top choice apartments. We are considering the Granada Compound apartments and would greatly appreciate anyone sharing their experience and/thoughts on the place.

We have also just moved over from the UK and Granada is on our list of places to look at ! I have heard it's very nice but some apartments are a bit shabby I believe!!!
Our budget too is about SR130.000 so not able to afford a mansion in a top compound!

Hi Ajewel! Why don't you check "Al Nakhla Residential Resort", its the biggest western resort in Riyadh, only western, life style, modern, has international schools, and the newest, services and facilities are way more than any other compound, family friendly and provides buses to American and British School since its between and close to both, and the security level is the highest among all with MOI armed forces based there.
Its a city in a city, and a home away from home, you don't need to go out or use drivers since you have everything there. and by the way its just behind Granada.

Check their facebook page: Al Nakhla Residential Resort

But what is the cost of a 2 bedroom apartment there? In Al Nakeel?

Did you arrive at Granada? if you are in there now, please share your thoughts about the place as we are scheduled to move there too and would like to hear others opinions.

Also, if anyone else been or lived in Granada recently, please share your experience.

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