true and honest guidance required

I am and having almost 12 year experience in marketing ,I am getting 1500 SGD per month just wanna know after how much time I can expect hike in salary and can I switch a job if I have a better opportunity from a different employer just for the sake of humanity plz answer honestly.

Your extremely low salary puts you in the range of Work Permit (WP) holders - i.e. unskilled labourers - since the minimum salary for S-Pass (holders of technical certificates or similar) is S$2200/month and for EP (holders of university degrees) it's S$3300/month. (With your degree and experience, you should earn at least S$6000/month to get any pass.)
There are only two possibilities how you got there:
1. Your university degree is not recognised in Singapore and you have no other certificates - in that case you are unlikely to get another pass or better paid job in Singapore.
2. Something was falsely declared when applying for your current pass, e.g. a higher salary was indicated (which is not actually paid) or your education and experience was omitted. If you were not complicit in this (and can prove it), you should immediately report it to MoM. You will lose your job and be sent back home (the employer will fare worse!), but at least you will have another chance to work in Singapore. (If you were complicit, keep quiet and hope that nobody finds out - and after this job ends don't apply for a work pass in Singapore again, because when you apply again with your true information, the issue will show up and you will be banned!)

How can I find direct employers to find a marketing job or in any stream thx

Please read the wealth of information already posted on this forum and elsewhere about how to find a job in Singapore.
If you then still have specific questions that have not been discussed before, you may come back and post them here.
But I think you have to first sort out the problem described in my previous reply.

Since you need applicable experience to get a work pass in Singapore, "job in any stream" will not work. You should focus on your industry and area of expertise!

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