Project Management Roles, Pay Expectations.

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Thank you in advance for any assistance.

I am considering a relocation to Cambodia and have been looking at the available Project Management (PM) roles, I have a few questions and am hoping there maybe someone here that is able to help.

Is the role of a Project Manager (PM) the same in Cambodia as it is in the Australia, the US and Europe?

I ask because this because the the pay rates seem to be disproportionate.  I currently earn approx $10k USD a month in Australia and can expect to earn similar in the US and Europe. The PM roles with similar job descriptions I have seen are advertised at approx $700 - $900 USD a month in Phnom Penh. I understand that I have to expect a lower rate of pay, but I was not expecting it to be less than 10%.

Is a PM a junior role and senior roles described differently in Cambodia? What role description should I be looking for?

I am open to other careers, but am not sure what other roles to consider where my experience would be comparable .

I have no experience with NGOs and all roles that I believe I could do with NGOs ask for experience.

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the link to my LinkedIn profile for context to my experience.

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The salary in Cambodia is low.  $800 is a good salary for a PM in a Cambodian company.  It will be very difficult, if not impossible, to get a $3k+ pay for a PM job in Cambodia.  Just my 2 cents.


Welcome to Cambodia. We don't expect much pay over here. Managerial positions are paid $450-500 a month. Job descriptions doesn't matter. If the owner is an expat then you expect better wage.

My advice to you is : to save as much as you can in your home country by staying there to work as 1 year working there will be equivalent to 10 years working in Cambodia, then when you have enough money you can think about opening your own business in Cambodia, or go to settle in Cambodia when you reach retirement age with your monthly pension, or invest your saving in property investment in your country and live with the rental income in Cambodia. Good luck to you.

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