Got an Job Opportunity Lagos- views about safety/political stability

Hi Friends
I am an Enterprise IT Architect & I have got an Job opportunity from Lagos Nigeria to work for Huawei . The contract is for 2 years.
Due to purely feasibility part in terms of PR/VISA expenses (@ own cost) for Canada/Australia i have been trying for international job opportunities in SingaPore/UAE since last 8 months & so. Finally it happened to be Lagos  :)  :(  Offer is good @ par what one gets in any part of world for IT Architect if not better.  Apart from Salary in USD they would provide-
Medical Insurance
Annual leave with air tickets (for self & family)
Monthly Car allowance
Had it been case of UAE/SingaPore i wouldn’t have had any 2nd thought but one doesn’t get all his wishes. Since its Nigeria there are some jittery/anxiety.
I have done my fare share of analysis reading various blogs/other social network websites, also have been scanning Nigeria newspaper in between. I understand crime & violence are everywhere in world & quite pragmatic in that sense – would worry as much as if somebody depute me to J&K/NE Or Naxal region of Andhrapradesh for say in India not to mention few countries in Latin America & in Gulf Region.
As per my research my understanding is –Nigeria has certain challenges @ political front since there is new Government, & NE region of Nigeria has its own share of fight/issue with Militant/Insurgency Group. How much these factors effect life of expats/job stability in general.
Any inputs/feedback will be highly appreciated as i have to make some decision in quick time –i am supposed to join in August end.

Best Regards

HI Ghosh,

No doubts that economy is not stable as such in Nigeria due to settling up new government and its effecting the companies revenue as well but still many company hiring the new expats on some extents another part of this crisis that you can face some fuel scarcity and having some crime also
All in all it depend on you company status in nigeria as per my own observation the huaweei is storng company in nigeria and having a good market share in nigeria if, you will work for principle company not a national distributor or any other 3rd party assignment then you should be relax and take your decision and accept that offer but if its for any 3rd party or national distributor then think twice

lagos is safe place in nigeria to stay and work this place is almost like mumbai and you will met many indian and you will enjoy your stay

Hope this information is ok for you if you have any inquiry feel free to mail me at ashandilaya[at]



Thanks a lot Ajay very much appreciate.

What about any Indian school as I have 5 yrs old daughter , there used to be Indian CBSC school in Lagos but google status says the school is closed.
Will reach out to you @ your /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ for additional information.

Best Regards

Hi ghosh,
Indian school is still working and most of indian children are studying there so no need to worry about that


Dear Mr.Ghosh

Welcome to Lagos.Nigeria,unlike most perceptions,is a very good country to be in.It does have certain amount of unpredictability but nothing as compared to the insecurity one could face in Delhi or Patna.The great thing thing is that locals are very friendly and hospitable.You can reach me on my mail rajindia70[at] at any time for any concerns.Are you migrating alone or with family?Please feel free to mail me for any help.

Warm Regards

Indraneel Chatterjee

Thanks for timely input Neel & Ajay. I heard one has to obtain Yellow Card before VISA stamping some mandatory vaccinations like Yellow Fever etc (as per UNICEF guideline). I am based out of Pune & while I searched on net couldn't find any authorized center in Pune. Is it mandatory to get Yellow card from authorized center as its some prescribed format as per Unicef standard. I have 2 Months before I fly can I take injection now , I saw somewhere blogged it can be taken only 10 days before flying is it the case?

Best Regards
Shaumitra Ghosh

Dear Shaumitra

You and your family needs to take the yellow fever and polio vaccine at least 10 days before your departure date which means you can have the vaccine anytime in these two months up to 10 days before your departure date.

You can come to the registered health organisation near the Mumbaii International Airport at Sahar. If you can plan a day to reach The place by 8 am you can finish the process by 12 as only 40 guys are vaccinated every day.

How this helps



Hi Gosh, you have a job offer from an international company Huawei, who understands very well what it takes to live in Nigeria as a foreigner and trust me, there are many indians in Nigeria and there are even India communities in Lagos. I have an Indian working in my office for example and according to him, he has been in Lagos for over 6years now. the offer you have looks really good, not even many Nigerians get such offers. So i would say you take it, there are no political issues here that could lead to violence against foreigners. whatever happens politically often goes on among the politicians. I am a nigerian and i can tell you there is no threat to me nor any foreigner and luckily you are working with an IT firm not an oil company.
Feel free to come to Nigeria bro, you would love it.
Take care

Dear Neel, Ajay

Need some guidance about obtaining STR VISA. It looks like till now my company will send me Invitation letter rest I will have to manage likes of taking VISA appointment date with other mandatory. Can you guide me in terms of URL, Nigerian Consulate @ Mumbai, necessary documents required. Since its quite hectic @ my end as winding up my backlogs with my current company would prefer to take assist from some company like Thomas Cook etc to help me with same. But they said they only assist with Tourist VISA & Business VISA, looks like mine will be Work Permit & I have to manage @ my own. Will appreciate advice, like how you guys went about it @ own or company took VISA appointment date etc.

Tensi thanks for your word it means a lot while I am in process of taking such a important decision


About taking visa appointment, I am a Nigerian resident here as well and don't know much about getting work permit. But what I think happens is the company will have to work it for you and send you the documents you'll go to the consulate wth. I will see what I can get on it for you online.
Look forward to arriving on the Nigerian soil, you'll love it.

Dear ,\

           i had been there for one month visit. environment is friendly peoples are good Indian Peoples also there so i think you should go there. they have some problem like you should not go outside alone you may not know anything can happen. but my own personal experience say that this is good place to live bythe way lagos is safe.


Please send your email address if possible.


Hi All,
Hope all are fine.
I am expecting a job offer with Indian company in Lagos. shall appreciate if someone can guide me.
Other than Net savings salary in INR, company provides accommodation + education + Insurance + Air Ticket and also they pay $750 in local. currently I am working in Nairobi

1. The local salary is enough for family with 3 yrs old kid?
2. still Ebola existed over there?
3. How is the safety in Lagos?

Thank you in advance

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