Tunisian want to come to Singapore - how to come and find a job?

Hello Tunisians in Singapore .
I'd like to know how I can come ,
I plan to look for a job in Singapore . Just tell me about the beginning : how to come & how to start there ?
Waiting for your responses .

Hi Ossama Shireef,

welcome to Expat.com!

I would invite you to view our living in Singapore guide.

Wish you good luck.

Why would you only accept advice from Tunisians in Singapore? (There are not many.)
If you are open for others, you may read the many related discussions on this forum and come back with specific questions that you did not find answers for.

Hi Christine .
I wanted to ask Tunisians about this topic since our situation is little different : We are allowed to go to some Asians countries with no visa such as Japan and Hongkong ...
The guide you told me about is useful .
I appreciate it .
I am waiting for other good information from you .
Have a nice day .

Hi Beppi
As a Tunisian citizen , I can go to some countries in Eastern Asia with no visa .
I am not sure about Singapore .
The problem is that in Tunisia there is not a Singapore embassy nor a diplomatic mission . Who can I consult ?
If you have any further informatiom please tell me .
I plan to live a period in Singapore if possible otherwise I'll go to Dubai because my sister and her husband work there . .

Tunisian passport holders need to contact the nearest Singapore Embassy or consulate to get a visa. If there is not an Embassy in your country then you must apply at the nearest Embassy in the country closest to you.
A Google search will give you the information I have supplied and you can use Google to fine out the Embassy locations.

You can also chech the ICA (Immigration and Customs Authority) website - like all Singapore government websites it is informative and clear.
And, you should learn to use Google. You could have easily done yourself what Stumpy did for you!

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