Please help! I am an American woman wanting to marry a Kuwaiti man

PS I'm kinda too late to reply but nevertheless..I shall say my piece peace!!!

This for not doing like a serious relationship.
Sounds like a boyfriend and girlfriend only.
How old is this couple?
  How could his family possibly agree?
Who in her family is there for his parents to meet and agree to the marriage contact? Or is it just her alone?

      You can't have a proper Islamic marriage under this circumstances what mother would agree to that?

Hi all,

Like many i am late to this thread but would appreciate input from Kuwaitis :-)

I am from the UK, moved to Kuwait in 2016 and fell in love with a Kuwaiti girl, she is extremely westernized, studied and lived in the States for 10 years and we share the same values and belief system which is great. Unlike my Western, Christian upbringing, we cannot move to our next step of marriage, this is where i need some input and advice.

After almost 2 years of dating in Kuwait, we decided to live in Dubai without her family worries and social stigmas. Her family are pure Kuwaiti bloodline, passport number 1 and as such her family are extremely religious and expect their children to live in their ways. I have total respect and admiration for her family and they sound great, i know their country and cultural norms very well, however as many have said before, her family would not accept a lower ranking Kuwaiti family name, let alone a Westerner.

Rightly or wrongly, she has confirmed that she does not want to marry a Kuwaiti, for a number of reasons. My question is this, how do i begin conversations with her family? Who should i speak with first? How long do i need to persist normally before a breakthrough could happen? How much should i offer for a dowry? And is the mom the real boss when it comes to marriage? Her father is the very dominant force within their household.

Any and all real life input would be appreciated :-)

I actually think your girlfriend is in a better position to guide you on this one. She knows the culture, norms, traditions and most especially her family more than any stranger on here could.

I'd suggest you start things off with her guidance before resorting to advice from random strangers!

Good luck and hope this helps!


I'm half Kuwaiti and American. I read your biopic. I wouldn't get married to a Kuwaiti. His mother will not accept you because your not Kuwaiti. This is an uneducated family. Probably bedouins.

But good luck.

just call her father , or her brother or uncle ... tell them what you want ......... it is not hard

this has been posted long time ago .... is there any updates ???  did you get married now ??

Your story is even more complicated lol!

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