Looking for a Chiropractor in Medellin...who speaks english.

Hi -

I'm in need of an adjustment. Anyone know of a good Chiropractor in town who speaks English? My Spanish isn't good enough for a doctor's visit.

Thank you in advance. Ca.

Hello there CassiAlexandra,

I did find a contact in the Medellin business directory > Chiropractors in Medellin, however, you will have to give it a call to confirm if he/she speaks english.

Best of luck,
Bhavna  :)

Most chiros here are American as it's not considered a real profession by Colombians. There is Ryan Mijares from Hawaii in Poblado on Calle 37 10-15 and Brent Whitley on 43d 13-06 also in Poblado. Probably about 6-7 more practicing in the area as well.

I have been to a couple chiropractors in Medellin. Dr. Ryan Mijeres in El Poblado is my choice. He does a very good job. His adjustments are gentle and very effective. His assistant is delightful. Both are bilingual.

Dr. Ryan Mijares, Cra 37 N #10-35 Local 305 Tele 266 3313 Medico Quiropráctio

@ maren1 > Can you please recommend this chiropractor in the business directory? I invite you to recommend him here : https://www.expat.com/en/business/south … opractors/


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi, I realize this is an older post but I am an American and I am opening a clinic in Envigado in two weeks (Jan 12, 2016). I know this doesn't help you now but if you return to Medellin in the future, I would love to help you.


I hope you enjoyed your time in Medellin in June and again, if you return, I will be available for you.

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My wife and I see this young French doctor, who is excellent and English-speaking. We were previously unaware of the training for French chiropractors, which requires six years and extends to expert soft tissue work.  We are impressed, to say the least. Highly recommended.

His last name is pronounced as in the English spelling "Howard".

This is the contact info in v-card format (with some extra fields truncated), which you can try to copy and paste into your own contact list:

FirstName       Dr. Constant
LastName        Houard
DisplayName     Dr. Constant Houard
PrimaryEmail    info[at]QuiroVida.com
WorkAddress     La Castellana -- Calle 33 #83B-43
WorkPhone       448 9986
CellularNumber  301 564 6444
WebPage1        www.quirovida.com.co

Hello everyone,

@ bh2, if you could please recommend your contact in the business directory : Chiropractors in Medellin so that members who might be looking for a professional but have not read/seen this thread may find his contact details, it will be appreciated.

All the best

Bhavna :

@ bh2, if you could please recommend your contact in the business directory


Hello paisaman! Can you please send me a message letting me know about your services? I am looking for a chiro in Envigado! Thanks.

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Dr. Houard moved into his own practice some time ago so I'll
update the contact information I provided earlier for him:

Web: www.grupoquiropracticoatlas.com
Tel: +574  418 1598
Cell: +571 300 217 6666

Hi.  I would recommend that you contact Jeff.  He is very knowledgeable and speaks English.  +57 323 5705147  Good luck   Richard

Hi Richard, thanks for recommending Quiropraxia Medellin Dr. Jeffrey Raheb USA educated and licensed. whatsapp / cell 323-570-5147 Calle 7 No 39-107 Torre Medical El Poblado.  English / Espanol facebook.com/QuiropraxiaMedellin/

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