Your experience living in Zagreb?

Considering doing my aircraft license training course with Croatia Airlines which would involve living in Zagreb for two years and attending the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica. I've never visited Croatia but I enjoy travelling and experiencing different countries and cultures.

What has your experience of it been? Pro's, Con's?

Oh and forgot to introduce myself, I'm Callum, 23 and considering a move to Zagreb!


Hi Callum,

Living in Zagreb is pretty easy. It's a compact city (yes, that is a nice way of calling it small). There are festivals on just about every week, loads of events, etc. It's very laid-back. No one is ever in a hurry, people take time to stop for a coffee (they love to stop for coffee).

Expenses are pretty cheap, food and beer are very affordable. Eating out is a bit dire - it's pretty well just pizza and pasta, although we do now have one good Indian restaurant and some average Chinese and Japanese places.

If you drive, it's very easy to get to the coast to enjoy the seaside. Buses also run pretty regularly all over the country, but their quality can be a bit iffy. Zagreb itself also has a nice manmade lake which is popular in the summer.

I've been here for two years and I quite enjoy it. It's a very unstressful place to live. You can check out my informal blog here


Sounds... chilled, no problem with that! Thanks for the information, am I right in saying you're studying Croatian at university there? Do you work as well / know anyone who has managed to find work?

Any negatives? I've seen a lot of people online talk of 'Croatian Bureaucracy!'

Nice blog, more photo's would be good though. I'm a lazy reader!


Yes, Croatian bureaucracy can be fun. Prepare to wait for a long time in long queues, and then when you get to the front discover that you don't have the right form. And come back tomorrow. But, if you have patience you can get through it.

As for work, I don't know what sort of work you could do. You would need to have some Croatian to work at any of the bars and cafes. I work from home so it's not a problem for me. Most things are cheap enough that you could probably live okay on E500 a month, depending on where you live and how you take your meals, so if you can find a way to make that!

I just did two years studying Croatian at the university. It's a tough course. They teach you for grammatical perfection, not for communication. If I were you, find some locals who are willing to spend some time chatting with you in Croatian - you'll learn much faster. And there are a few resources on Duolingo so you can swot up a bit.

Good luck! And let me know if/when you arrive, we can go out for a beer :)

Ah I see, I did wonder what people meant by it!

Yeah there's some free stuff online I'll have to make use of!

I'll be sure to do that, if I can find the funds :) ! Just to clarify, that 500 estimate isn't including rent is it?

P.S. great that you got to see Faithless, I saw something the other day about them being in Zagreb but just assumed it wasn't THE Faithless!

You can live on 500 Euro a month including rent and bills, no problems. I mean, nowhere flash, but a good studio apartment or a share house. Bills are quite expensive over the winter, but I suppose that's true everywhere in Europe. We pay 320 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment, about 20 minutes walk from the centre. Check out Njuskalo - it's the Croatian gumtree (just google njuskalo). Then go to Nekretnine > Stanovi > Iznajmljivanje > Grad Zagreb.

Yes, Faithless was amazing! Actually that's another great thing about Zagreb. Lots of great bands come here and it's pretty cheap to go see them :)

Excellent thanks a lot for the help. I think I should be there early October so I'll be sure to message you closer to the time about a beer :) !

I read ur SMS these are so helpfully for all new persons who thinking to move there thnx . I am also looking best place for open Indian restaurant in Zagreb so can u give me any kind of information about people what they like and place and money also. Thnx

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