can i work with a Dependent pass ?

My husband is working as a test engineer and he is holding an employment pass. If he will request for a dependent pass for me will I be able to work using my dependent pass?

Not automatically.

You will need to get the dependent pass endorsed by immigration with a stamp that gives you the right to work. It does not cost anything to apply for this endorsement.

Two qualifying things are required. 1) your husband's basic salary is RM5k or above for him to be able to have dependents living in Malaysia, and 2) you must have a job offer from a company entitled to recruit foreigners which also has a salary of RM5k per month.

However, if you are Filipina you may be able to work on a Foreign Worker Pass in Malaysia in your own right and there is no salary minimum (please check this as the rules may have changed lately as earlier females were not eligible under the FWP system except as maids and child carers). If you decide to have a FWP you would have to give up your dependent pass in favour of the FWP, because a person can only hold one type of pass at a time.

If you are the wife of a Malaysian citizen the rules are different.

I would suggest if your husband is eligible for RP-Talent visa then spouse can also seek employment without employment pass.


Also I'm hearing from my colleague that still can doable if you can get a letter from the company together with the dependency pass then endorsed (chop) by Malaysian immigration. I would suggest to visit Malaysian immigration directly and discuss the possibilities.

Good luck!

Thank you for the answers :)


is Permission to Work (PTW) for Dependent Pass holder still valid ?

The system changed and the DP would now have to be given up and an EP applied for in the normal way (rather than getting an endorsement). ESD confirm this on their website/guide. 

The reason for the change is probably to ensure there is vetting of employers in terms of having followed the correct procedures for all foreign hires. There are new salary levels and lengths of contract for EPs which would also apply when changing from DP to EP.

Hi, I am also looking for a similar answer.
My wife is with me in KL with a Dependent Pass, however - she is looking forward to start working in KL. I heard there is a provision of PTW which can help her work without being required to convert her DP into EP

Need some insight on the same

I would like to know as well as I have never heard of such an arrangement for PT except under MM2H for over 50s with educational background.

The wording of the EP that she would have to transfer over to is that the salary should be "equivalent to RMxx" - so I guess if the employer is paying the minimum salary that attracts an EP even though the hours are "flexible" it might work.

Keep us posted please if you wife finds an employer willing to make this type of application.

But what's the issue with transferring to an EP? If it enables her to work.

No issue. She needs to find a job which is ready to offer EP.

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