Cost of living in Riyadh with package 21,000 monthly

Cost of living with package 21000 SAR per month in Riyadh, am single person , is this package would provide me a respectful standard of living ?? , also i want to know the rent cost for studio apartment inside city OR inside a compound ?

Hello ahmed.othman,

You can go though the threads in the Cost of living in Riyadh section of the forum. several discussion topics deal with salary and cost of living.You may have some useful infos.

Moreover, the following article will provide you some info about Rent prices : Accommodation in Riyadh

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if u are single, u will spend more than if u r married (:

Thanks Hamoud, but am asking whether this package can afford me a good standard of living or not ?

It will ..its a decent package ...but not a compound accommodation...

Dear Ahmed,

Its a pretty decent package and ur monthly expenses will be hardly 2K SAR including groceries & utilities. Now it depends what place & area u will prefer to live in... the yearly rentals go upto 120K for villas and for appartments it goes upto 80 to 90K per year... Living in a compound normally starts from 80K and it goes upto 180 to 200K per annum...

Please feel free to contact for any further information.

Thanks so much for these great info kymadoce  , my workplace located at steen street , Al Malaz , so i prefer that my home not so far from my workplace , also i seek studio & well furnished apartment , 1 bed or two bedroom Maximum .

How much does it cost whether inside compound or a normal one ?

The rent is reasonable as  long as you're staying at Malz area. However,  if you wish to save -this is what I actually recommend- then rent in a  normal residential building for bachelors . Wish you all the best

Thanks for your kind reply mehmmas

Reasonable is good , but what about quality ?? And what's the range of rent cost ?

Ahmed  if you are after a good & comfortable Studio then your budget should be 35 Thousands & up ..   of course annually.

Fair & Square  ;)  ... Thanks dear

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