Getting social security number


One of our employee has lot of troubles to get registered and have her social security number.
-First attempt booted with no reason in mail
-Second attempt, she's been to CPAM, they said that the birth certificate is not sufficient and they need a more extensive version with both parent's names.
She asked and paid for it at the town hall where she was born.
-Third attempt, she went again to CPAM, deliver all docs. All seems good but few days after, she was booted again, all documents sent to her home by mail without explanation.

Had you got difficulties to get registered?
What is the exact list of documents needed?

France is not the easiest country regarding administration services.
If your employee is a foreigner to France, normally the employer must make a demand for a SSN while completing the form before hiring her. The DPAE (Déclaration Préalable à l'Embauche, a declaration that has to be made usually 7 days before the employee start working) is a form that regroup formalities towards 7 organism for an employment to be legit.
From then on, the employee should be notified a temporary number starting with 99 she has to put down on the form for the CPAM who will issue her a temporary Carte Vitale. Once they notify the definitive number, they either send the permanent card or mail the date of availibility for her to pick it up.
Then again, each situation is different. So may I ask what documents did she joined to her form ?

They requested following documents
> -payslip
> -working contract
> -passport copy
> -birth certificate copy
> -french RIB (must be your french account)
> -European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

They should have asked for 2 photos too. Did they send back the form she should have filled ?
What kind of visa does she have on her passport ? The passport should show a long term visa mentionning she can work.
Or she can also produce a Resident Card authorising work in France.
The birh certificate needed is, indeed, the extended version, multilingual if possible. Or you can join a translated version made by a translator habilitated by a Courthouse. She can check the list of entitled ones at the Tribunal de Grande Instance her residence is affiliated to. An official translation from a consular department is also accepted.


I know from my personal experience that dealing with La Sécu as a foreigner is not an easy experience. Whenever my application got rejected (THREE TIMES in a row), basically we just received a paper in the mail telling us it was rejected, and a couple things were checked off as "possible reasons." And when we called to get more details, we found out the people in charge of the phones don't even have access to those who decide whether or not an application is accepted or rejected.

In the end, what I ended up finding out was that my application was rejected because a) my birth certificate did not have an apostille from the Department of State, and b) the translation I provided of said birth certificate was not by a traducteur assermenté anglais américain." Nevermind the fact that for every other piece of paperwork, said translation and certificate were fine. In any case, if your employee is having issues that are due to his/her birth certificate, it might be related to those issues.

Quick question... is the SSN the same as numéro de l’aasure?

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