Me and GF are moving to Cambodia in August

Hi all.

Me and GF are moving to Cambodia in August. We visited SR last November and instantly thought about moving here. We're 36 and 24. We are going to fly into PP first and take a little time to see if we would like it better there than SR, which is where we visited last time.

I'm studying part time long distance and get paid a weekly student's stipend which is probably enough for most people to get by.

We are both musicians and will bring a smaller version of our home studio with us. GF is also a very good jazz singer and we'll see if we can create a trio for upmarket gigs in PP.

I work in events and project management and would like to use those skills in Cambodia. I have no degree, but I will have a B Applied Management next year. My partner has B Hons Jazz. Will my lack of a degree,  with 12 years experience in the sector, be a hindrance for me there in terms of getting good work?

We plan to only work PT. We are completing some music projects and need time to do so.

We're thinking about doing a quick TESOL course here and teaching English.

My GF works in the speciality coffee industry as a top level barista trainer in Australia. We're both New Zealanders. One option for her would be to use those skills here, either in a small cafe making kick ass espresso or in a training capacity.

We aren't coming with a huge amount of money but enough to be okay with no work for around 6 months.

Any ideas or advice, throw it at me!

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