Moving to Singapore : Accommodation near Woodland? Help required

I am from India and will be moving to singapore in early September this year.  My office is in Woodlands. Need help from the members on the basics to be considered before moving to Singapore. Also, if anyone can point out the best but affordable area to live in. I don't like spending much time on travel and hence would consider staying somewhere close to my office.
Any additional useful information would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

To get information on "the basics to be considered before moving to Singapore", you could read existing discussions on this and other forums, as well as the Singapore guide on this site. You are welcome to come back afterwards with more specific questions.
Woodlands, where your office is, is one of the cheapest places in Singapore (in terms of rent), because its far from the centre (actually, nearer to Malaysia) and offers limited amenities.

Maybe you should look up Singapore tax terms.: -

I was researching all problems regarding movement and this was the most confusing for me. Here you have everything nicely explained and even a useful tax calculator

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