Nice orthodontist

Hi there! I am looking for a nice orthodontist in Chiang Mai or Bangkok! Any recommendation? I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

Living in Chiang Mai i area I went in empress dental clinic for my daughter as it is in Hang Dong area, simply because it is not far from where I live and they have kid zone ( kid often scare about dentist ), just google it you will find many others in the city centre easily as well as main hospital and even shopping centre also.

Thank you very much Kris!

Hello !
How are you ?
I would like to know if you have found a nice orthodentist because i am looking for something...
Thank you ! :|

In Bangkok, it's gonna be Thantakit Dental Center for me. Wondrous service always and they're one the top dental centers in the country. The Qantas crew uses them. Most of their patients are expats and celebs often endorse them. Aside from that, I can personally vouch for their level of care and service.

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