Italian courses in Rome?

I just arrived in Rome and I am looking to attend Italian evening courses for beginner. Do you have any plan on this matter?
Thank you.

Welcome to Expat-blog, Itmat! :)

Hope that members soon respond to your message.

In the mean time,for language courses,check out Rome classifieds! You could post an advert there by selecting the Classes section and Language classes subsection.

All the best!


You have the choice with free courses/meetups to practice Italian for free while meeting with locals:

Chit Chat
Extreme language exchange
(Moderated: No free advertising)

Sounds interesting, but I don't speak Italian at all!
Might be good for later.

have you found any classes yet?

im thinking of taking italian language classes this summer at one of the universities, so that way it'll give me a chance to meet some locals and meet other expats.

if anybody have any suggestions for schools that have language classes, they would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, there is couple of language exchanges apperitivo events in Rome. This is friendly, relax, and could be helpful in addition to your language courses. If you're interested, you may have a look at or

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