Indian got job offer - Is Sierra Leone safe? What about Ebola?

Hello I got job in sierra Leone is it safe for health I m from India pl suggest I have to sign 2 yr contract pl suggest because ebola is viral. L

Hello Prathmesh and welcome on board :)

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Do you know in which part of Sierra Leone you will be relocated? Please do tell us more, in which field will you be working ?


It is very safe to live and work in Sierra Leone during this EBOLA time and after. Ebola infection risks are lower especially if you are not working in the treatment Centre or with the sick. Just follow the simple handwash procedures and taking malaria prophylaxis

Hi any overr can help me I got offer from sierra Leone for one of edible oil refinery How is Freetown city & what precautions need to be taken before singing contract please help

is the country & city is safe _sierra leone-Freetown? Any one can help please

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