Language exchange and make friends in Hanoi

Hi everyone,
I'm a girl who live in Hanoi. I'm looking for new foreign friends who help me practicing english. If you wanna learn Vietnamese or know more about country's culture. We can help each others.

. Let's be friend together ;)

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That sound very just, Ngân. :D
i think so, too, one week a go. But now, i think this site only share experiences, trips, feeling about country which we had came or ask where we will come. If we want to practise English Speaking, we should find a teacher, good friend in other forums. Ok. Good luck. Oh, sorry. Here, we can only read some conversations.

Thanks for your suggestion Nana. I think we can share experience, trips,...while practising english, also vietnamese if someone care. And I found foreigners feel hard to spell my name - Ngân. So i named another english name for easier.  Anw, thank you for your consideration. :)

It is a my joke. Dont care. I ve just read some posts. They are same as us. Hahaha :D

Yes, i know just kidding. :D But sad a bit when it seems no foreigners consider my post. hiuhiu

Ngân. I know. It is difficult to find a helf. Because they dont care. Others dont have any time. one reason: They have not any profit. Hahaha.
free help only apear when we meet a good friend. Of course they must have time for us.
hahaha. Our post seem romantic.
i love USA, UK too... Why dont we come UK once??? To discover and learn some things...

So lazy to join a course, dont you???
we should close our eyes and dream a nice dream about a true foreigner friend. Hahaha. Or come to UK with me??? It is real.
To be continue.....

haha. It sounds very nice Nana. UK is a  desirable country. enjoy your dream ;)

Hello :)

Please drop an advert in our Language Exchange in Hanoi Classifieds section to find a tutor to help.

For your info the forum should be used only for sharing of information about expatriation, and should not be considered as chat room.

Best of luck in your language tutoring hunt :top:


Hi there!

I want to learn and will help you with English. Just moved to Hanoi an month ago. Lemme know! :)

hey you can practice with me. Im Vietnamese and my English aint bad  :D

I'm a Korean but I can help you out to improve your English conversation skill :)

Hi Helen,

I would enjoy learning some Vietnamese language, perhaps we could discuss possibilities

Hope to hear from you.

Hi,  guy Do you like to speak  English exchange language with me ?

Should we have a club for all expat members in Hanoi? :D
I’m really willing to join haha

Hi I am William a Teacher
I will be rerturning to live in Hanoi this weekend
lived in Hanoi some years ago,love the city
Happy to be friends and help with our English

Hi, sound great I would like to make friends in Hanoi . Can I know your phone number ? It's easier to contact to you
Best regards

Sorry for the late reply , I dont visit this site often , my number is *** , I am looking for an apartment now in Hanoi.
Hope to see you soon

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I teach adults Conversational English.  Small classes. Very reasonable. Tay Ho, off Vo Chi Cong.

PM me for information

Hi William, I wonder have you settle down in Hanoi? Could we become friends and may I have your number. Thank you so much.

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