working in Brunei

Hi! I'm fidza from Malaysia, been trying to search for job in Brunei as I admire the way that country runs. I'm wondering if it's possible for me to get a part time job there; part time job for now as I'm still studying in Malaysia and can only work during semester break.

I'm an independent person and quite flexible in working, as I used to travel a lot which taught me how to adapt to new surrounding quickly. Not a fussy or naggy person, as I guess this is the time for me to learn how to deal with problems and hardships wisely.

If it is possible for me as a foreigner to get part time jobs in brunei, as the preparation for my future plans - to get job in brunei after I finished my degree, I hope I could find the way. And if you could possibly help, to show me where it is practically possible in Brunei.

I thank you for your time. And for your response, too.

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