Would Ireland likely be a good place to develop "flying without fuel"?

At the International Conference on High Altitude Wind Power Generation a year ago I was honored as the "Father of Modern Tethered Flight".  Among the things that Tethered Flight would enable would be the prospect of flying without fuel by tacking in air alone due to the difference in speeds of the winds at low and high altitude -- or more simply: airSailing.  Also it would enable airships tethered to submerged hydrofoils to tack to locations anywhere and arrive there faster than the speed of the wind -- no matter what direction you were headed -- even tacking to locations that were directly up wind.  So this means of transporting people and/or cargo could be extremely important in the future as well.  But more sedately, anything from a canoe to a freighter could be made to tack to save fuel also.

Anyway, I would much like to know what the pros and cons might be of starting such a company in Ireland, and in making friends for my wife, myself, and my grown children if they should choose to go on such an adventure also.  I expect to soon have adequate capital so that is not the problem.

I suppose the main problem might be how to hoodwink Irish people into thinking that we do not appear to be the "ugly Americans" that we probably are.  And by the way if Irish accents sound so devine to us Americans, do our accents sound like just so much grotesque hogwash to Irish people?

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Also please forward this email to others -- who might know others -- who might know techies -- who would like to discuss these possibilities further.

Also, my guess is that the feuding between the Protestants and the Catholics has died down but still simmmers or more than simmers still.  Am I correct?  Even so, are both groups largely atheists and agnostics now or do one or the other or both generally hold firmly to their faith as they are taught?  And what is the likelihood of finding members in either group who actually believe and practice what the bible literally says?

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