Meet people for Bay Beats

Hi everyone,

My name is Joe, I'm 30 from the UK and currently live in Saigon.

I will be in Singapore on Saturday 27th early in the morning after night bus from KL. I will stay the night (I am looking on Airbnb, but any other ideas would be appreciated) then fly back to Vietnam in the afternoon.

I wonder if anyone would like to accompany me to have a meal or see some sites, and I hope to see the free music at Bay Beats festival. In the UK I got to a lot of punk, rock and ska gigs - but there isn't much in Saigon so I hope to find something I like.

My grandparents lived in Singapore for years and I spent a month there over Christmas holiday when I was 5, and then another month when I was 10. So I remember quite a lot. I remember the hawker stalls and having satay.

I also want to visit the Jumbo restaurant on East coast as that is where I had crab for the first time. My grandparents went there all the time and were friends with the lady who runs it, who apparently still works there. So I hope to get a photo with her and send to my grandmother :-D

Anyway, I will be traveling alone and would love to hear from anyone who would like to join for looking at some sights, eating, or going to the music.

Thanks you

Please note that short-time rentals of residentioal property (and thus AirBnB) are illegal in Singapore. You are better advised to stay in a hostel or hotel. You may try Slleepy Sam's, or any other place your guidebook recommends.
Other than that, have a great time in Singapore!

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