Dance schools in Antwerp

Hy there!

Could somebody recommend me some good dance schools in antwerpen. I would like to dance tango or muzikal jazz.

Thank you very much!

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You should post an advert under Antwerp classifieds by selecting the category- Classes-Music,Drama,Dance classes.

Hope that other members respond back to your query as well.


Ugh. alOha90, I'm sorry that you're getting told to shove off to classifieds, for some reason they are doing that to everyone recently. It's really quite rude/unhelpful/annoying. :mad:

In actual answer to your question:
Some people on CS have asked this before, so I'm getting this information from the locals who answered them, as I don't know it myself:
Check out
and also the school Estar Bien' might be of help
The address:
Bouwhandelstraat 72
2140 Borgerhout

There is also salsa:
Salsaclubs often don't have a fixed place to teach. They rent different spaces in & around Antwerp for one day a week so they can give dancing classes in e.g. Merksem, Luchtbal, Oud Badhuis, Parochiecentra, Sint-Andriescentrum, salsabars (Casa Baila, Cuba Bella & Axxes) and so on. Some of the many salsaclubs are:
- Salsa Picante (LA style)
- Cuban Salsa (from DJ El Rubio)
- Bailando (Cuban style)
- Salsaga (LA style)
- Zoukamor (more Zouk (= kind of a slow lambada) & reggaeton)
- and again many more...
If you want to find out more about them (where they teach, which events they organize,..), just go to their websites.

Several "classical" dancing schools close to Antwerp are:
- Dansschool Ekkart (Drabstraat 62, Mortsel)
- Dansschool Hendrickx (Stenenbrug 85, Borgerhout)
- Dansschool Reflex (Turnhoutsebaan 298, Wijnegem)
- Dansschool Spillemaeckers (Bredabaan 948 A, Brasschaat)
- Dansschool Roels (Boterlaarbaan 89, Deurne, possibly older audience)
- and many more... These are just the classical ones.

I hope that something there may help you!

Thank you very much! It helped me a lot. I will check those and also their locations because i live in the center of antwerpen and i want to find something close to the city centre, so that i can walk to the class ;)

How long have you lived here? Do you use the public transit much? You can buy yearly passes for only €200 (25yrs+) that you can use on every bus/tram/metro in Flanders, it's a great deal. That way you don't have to worry about needing a place you can walk to. =)

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