how much can be to build a house?

i agree, i have been looking around for a contractor or lets just say i am thinking of building a house in the philippines but since i am abroad the only way to know the pricing is by reading a lot of forum like this but so far it is still hard to compare or know what is the right price to build a house

yes, and what iread above is not reality,
a friend told me he paid blablabla...
we know that u cant rely on that, some are shy to say they got scammed on prices or that they paid so much.
u can only trust a bill lol.

as i said above, a good built in philippines, with all finishes except external ones like water pump and tank, cost to get to electric grid, about 20 000 PHP per sqm.

278m2 for 2 millions? impossible, unless u have no finition. then the price for walls; fundations etc is about 8 to 12000 per sqm

thanks  for information

i dont know if i am allowed to put such link,
i have nothing to do with s just a good exemple of what u can have in Philippines and the price.
they show different designs, for different size of land and then if u click on it the estimation of the price, low, mid and high price.

thanks it is nice, and sure can help

I presume you are talking about Manila

no a general price with a descent build, eathquakeproof, etc...
prices can dramaticaly raise if the house is build in a secluded area because of transportation, in port barton for exemple, most of material cost double price...
or opposite, get a lower price, cos workers are way cheaper, but u might sacrifice the quality and the safety. Nobody wish to see his house falling after 15 years.. ;)

what are you talking about? i just built a solid 2 bedroom 2 bath 100 square meter concrete home with mahogany roof.. sliding tinted windows and a 4meter x 4meter sliding door.. huge septic tank.. for just under 450,000 peso. that includes the labor, electric hook up and water.. i could have spent much less if i wanted to by using #8 or #9 steel bars.. jalousy windows, cheaper hollow blocks.. and less expensive wood for the roof. the lot i bought was 350,000 peso for 600 sqm

good for you. but i doubt u get a western standard house at that price.
blue print, building permit, tiles, contractor, professionnal workers,  etc etc and minimise construction defect, stand through typhoons and earthquakes, etc etc...

the prices are the one i got in puerto princesa, iloilo, bacolod and dumaguete...

wrong again.. i have the blueprints.. its required. i used thicker steel than was required.. i also have all the paperwork that is required

no need to be agressive.
the price i gave are general prices for cities and semi furnished,...not in a lost part of philippines and native house standard.

we could talk for years, it s like the question: how much do u need to live in Phils,
some will be contented with 400; some 1500 and others with at least 4000$^
it doesnt include kitchen, pumps, etc...

how is that aggressive? i simply told you my total cost for everything.. you can choose to believe me.. or think im lying. its your choice

I tried to find the link which I got this information from, but with no luck.  However the figure I have found are as follows:

Cost of building (per square meter)
* Nippa House 2,000 to 4,000php
* Economic house 12,000 to 14,500php
* Regular house  13,500 to 14,500php
* Semi elegant finish 14,500 to 16,500 php
* Elegant (luxury) finish  16,500 o 35,000 php

Of course this figures were from some architect site, so probably over inflated.  There are a few sites on the internet showing construction cost per square meter.

* cost of land.
* Legal and government fees

As tommieboy999's figures are actual it is probably more accurate.

Hope that this helps

450 000 for 100m2 it s 4500 php per sqm; pej1111 ...

i was as confused as you were.. but after being here for 8 yrs, i found out that your cost will depend on where you live. i live on a small island, thats why i was able to build a cement/mahogany home for about 400,000 peso. labor here is cheap.. and i will only agree to pay a daily wage of 450-500p for a skilled worker and 300-350p for his helper. if you live in manila, of course you will never spend what i did

this is what i said T, prices can vary on location, port barton because of the muddy and mountainous road coast double, or it can be very low in some villages, as i said, 20K is a good build in cities
just like the best spots in Iloilo are 40K per sqm for a lot or 100PHP at 20km far.

If you decide to live in the visayas ,labor is even cheaper, carpenter and  helper goes for 550  PHP a day, the down side​ is lack of quality lumber and materials but if you are a hands-on person you can control what happens to your house!!!

bratche.. do you know anything about guimaras? i have seen 1 hectare of land going for 350k peso.. is there electricity there 24/7? i was told the ferry ride from guimaras to iloilo was just 15 mins.. true?

Richard Dicky Perkins (that's me) I have video  diary on you tube and I can tell you costing labour and material house is on Bohol island

Yes Iloilo to guimaras is really 15mn (by pumpboat), and the waiting time is really short, many big pumpboats are making the trip so ferries should be just a little bit longer as they dock on the river

They finished building windmill on east coast ocean and land, I know in Jordan it s 24h, with several brown out a week, sometimes twice a day, and one of the most expensive rate in the world, 14php per kwh

Btw, guimaras mangoes are the best I 've ever eaten hehe

the electric rate on camiguin island is over 16p per kwh..  we also have several brownouts.. i guess i will not be looking to buy land in guimaras

Yes, Iloilo and bacolod were at 14php too 2 years ago, in iloilo it s about 10php now, after many people complained and a professor published in newspapers the scam from the provider and cooperative

Guimaras is booming, but still not much developed yet, still a nice place, without much tourists

Good information to be had in reading through these posts. Thanks to all contributors. We have recently purchased a 300 square meter parcel of land in the sycamore subdivision of the Midlands, in tagaytay with the idea of a summer home/future retirement option in mind. The land is on a slope, I'd estimate 35 to 40 degree incline. We were sold on the view. I was curious if anyone had some contextual idea of the costs involved in laying the concrete foundations for leveling out gradient pre build. Also re construction costs,  the general range per sqm quoted on the Internet seems wide, 20k~50k depending on the bells and whistles, low end to high end customized.  What does high end actually mean here? Broadly speaking we are thinking of a contemporary style two storey house, 2 car garage, with enough glass to enjoy views of taal, open balcony with wood beam roofing. 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, with a minimalist yet modern architectural flavour. Build quality will take priority over aesthetics.  Realize the vague nature of the question here, but where would that fall within the above mentioned range if ever?

Hi, Vivnay. I'm a licensed general contractor here in the Philippines.

We have designed, built, and managed houses in Tagaytay Midlands and Highlands. For that kind of slope, the price can easily go around 12,000-16,000 per square meter for your structural part. It will be hard to price the actual foundation without structural plans, but around 1.2M seems reasonable.

Yes, it would fall around that range. Some difficulties in that project may be the wood beam roofing since wood is very expensive in the country. You can always opt for alternatives like Wood Plastic Composites (WPC). Prices in Midlands fall around the 26k+ range. You can always ask for a list of specifications from the contractors so that you can be sure of what you are getting.

Just beware of fly-by-night contractors. Ask if they have Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) license. Lots of legal problems when you hire an illegal contractor especially when there is a dispute.

Thanks Markad..I was told to expect around PHP800k for the foundation/slope work alone from a real estate agent, understand that might be base case. Appreciate the heads up on the relative cost of wood, we are not married to the idea.

12,000-16,000 / sqm is structure only I assume. Tiling, electrical, glass work, plumbing would be additional? Reading on the internet suggests frameless glass balustrade, while optically appealing is in the USD 180/LF approx? A pricey proposition considering how much would be needed to cover a big patio! 

Assuming a 2 story build on 300sqm with 280sqm usable floor space , not much one can do with the excess land on a slope? Unlike flat land where options exist. Thanks, Markad for your input above. I should mention, we’re very much at the info gathering stage at this point, given the land turns over sometime next year and we’re yet to consider funding options etc. which will only become clear in the next couple years… Good to know you have the relevant experience in the area, will be happy to reach out to you for a quote when we are closer to living the dream.

12,000-16,000 is for structural only without finishing. Electrical, glass work, plumbing, and paint are not yet included.

Luckily, the USD 180/LF is not the same here. I am not familiar with the quality of the glass balustrade in other countries though, but definitely, it is cheaper here especially with non-branded glass. Most of our modern works are with frameless glass balustrade.

For sloping lands, our advice is to create a split-level house. Split-level house is a type of home where there are staggered floor-levels.

No worries. Just answering the queries.

Good info, thanks. Just received the lot plan today. Lot size is 300sqm with maximum building footprint of 149sqm. Am I right in assuming that means 149sqm per floor? Also there is a height restriction of 9meters. In theory, is that enough for a 2 level construction with relatively high ceiling per floor?  or 3 story construction with lower ceilings...

You can interpret it that way. The building footprint is the part of an area where you can build the permanent part of your home. Although there are cases where some create an overhang on the second floor to get more space. So maximum of 149 sqm for your ground floor.

Nine meter is a bit low but within the standard. A standard height of a floor is three meters and add the roof height of around two meters. All your assumptions are correct. Two (2) level high ceiling, One (1) level high ceiling + one (1) level low ceiling + attic, or (3) level low ceiling with flat deck roof. There are other ways to maximize the floor are too like with the split-level I mentioned above.

One (1) level high ceiling + one (1) level low ceiling + attic sounds sensible. Appreciate the input thanks. How much of a concern is water runoff/drainage in the Midlands area? Salespeople working for the developer are quick to assure that adequate planning has gone into the subdivision landscaping to account for such things but in your experience, does the homebuilder need to have other contingencies in place?

So far I haven't heard of any problems.  You are safe from flooding.

Thats good to know. Out of curiosity, what does one do with the easement area in the frontage? Does that bit of space get utilized in any way?

You can have a nice looking patio or a have a garden. An area will also serve as the garage. You are limited to those options though.

the house i just built.. is 1200 square feet... 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom. 12 foot x 20 foot cement deck.    the total price to build with concrete blocks..steel bars and cement with 7 sliding windows and 9 jalousie windows and one sliding door was about 550 -  600k peso.

markad :

You can have a nice looking patio or a have a garden. An area will also serve as the garage. You are limited to those options though.

Cool. About 530 square ft of easement in front. Would assume enough for a two car garage. What if any special considerations are there when building on a slope in an earthquake prone area. Batangas seems to get its fair share and is clearly visible from our plot of land.

tommieboy999 :

the house i just built.. is 1200 square feet... 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom. 12 foot x 20 foot cement deck.    the total price to build with concrete blocks..steel bars and cement with 7 sliding windows and 9 jalousie windows and one sliding door was about 550 -  600k peso.

Well done Tommie Boy About 5,500PHP per square meter.  About $110 USD per square meter.

Is that a finished or rough house?

if you are talking to me... its finished, but without the tile floors

To this group.  I am wondering if any one here has used polished concrete, instead of tiles, as there floor finish?

There are a lot of old houses that used polished concrete as a floor finish. A little bit harder to maintain but Filipinos are used to it. We use half coconut husk (bunot) and Johnson's floor wax to make it shine. Good when you are on a budget.

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