Tips for getting your first job in Malta


What are your tips and advice for getting a first job in Malta?

What are the job hunting steps to follow? Where to look for offers: newspapers, Internet, recruitment agencies, word-of-mouth?

What are the top hiring sectors?

What would you recommend to young professionals wishing to start their career in Malta?

Thank you in advance for your participation!

1. Register with the ETC , look at Malta park , read times of Malta
3.dont look elsewhere - wages are Low here  not many career oppurtunites  if you coming to Malta then expect a career then your not coming for the right reasons
On a positive note people come to Malta to create a new life for themselves and it's very easy to do but don't expect too much

For example bus driver recruitment out here they are only paying 6€ an hour

Don't bother sending in or emailing your CV , they either wont reply or you will wait a long time for one.

You need to knock on doors!


Actually found the agencies quite good,

Even based in Ireland, I sent my CV to 3 different agencies in Malta and all replied back straight away to set up calls with each of them and even wanted to put me forward for roles but unfortunately can't move just yet.

Hey, would you be able to post the links to those agencies? Thank you in advance! :)

Damn, since when 6 euro per hour is a low wage?Check the standard of living in Malta then say 6 euro per hour is low wage.I've seen good and big apartaments going to for 700-800 euro per month, with a salary of 1200-1300 euro per month(6 euro per hour 8 hours a day, 22 days a week)...If that's low then I guess someone here is used to some high standard life.

That's a low wage for bus driving -most entry level jobs here you will get a wage between 3-5 euros

Also 6 euro at 40 hours a week is 240 euros a week before tax and ni giving a monthly average of about 960 euros
If you rent a property at 750 euro average electric and water of about 100 e  and travel of 26 euro a month please tell me where you expect someone to pay for food , and everything else ??

22 days a week ??? That's the problem in Malta were only getting 7 day weeks
May I suggest you don't apply for a job in the financial sector
Me and my husband live on his wage of 19k a year so it's not that I'm used to the finer things but we don't have a lot of money spare a month  - so I know what I'm talking about

Sorry for my mistake - 22 days a month.Also if you are renting a nice apartament(big one) I guess you are not going to be the only one working.So with the one's salary you pay the bills and with the other salary you pay food + fun.Now, if you want to spend 1k euro per month on food, 1k for fun, 1k for apartament, 1k for vacations...well I don't think there are many countries out there that offer such salary for normal entry job.3 euro per hour - 10 hours a day(in Bulgaria we usually work 12-13 hours a day for that kind of jobs but lets meet somewhere in the middle), 6 days a week(I don't know if maltese bosses are retarded like the bulgarian and if they make you work 7 days a week)...lets do the math.30 days month, 4 1/2 weeks, 4 sundays, 26 workdays, 260 hours of work, 3 euro per hour(I guess that's the minimum) = 780 euro.I am not using calctulator so I apologize if there are any mistakes here.2 salaries like that...Excuse me but that's more than a normal life for a family with 2 ''low'' salaries.

I guess I am just a normal bulgarian used to living well with a low salary and that's why this seems to be more than enough for me.Don't get me wrong - I don't attack you or anyone else out there living with more than a normal salary, but please, do not say that 6 euro per hour is low wage.

I apologize for my English, I also apologize if you feel offended by any of my comments.

And just to finish my comment - in Bulgaria as a bus driver you won't get half of what you get in Malta and 3 bedroom apartament in Bulgaria(Plovdiv/Sofia) is also around 500 euro rent.I hope this helps you understand why I don't think 6 euro per hour is low payment.

About tips for getting first job in Malta. Since they called me for fifth interview after they already signed employment contract with me, I have no tips. So, let me repeat. They called me for an interview. It was good. Then they called me again for second interview, then again, and again, and finally they told me Congratulations! We have signed a contract which supposed to come in force two weeks later. But then they called me for another interview (the fifth!) with the big boss comming from abroad.  :thanks:  So, now I am waiting the result, altough I have valid employment contract.  :/

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Im a professional in the technology and education sector. Though Im a seasoned pro, it was still quite some time before I found a great job. I now work for a *large company* and am developing their tech and professional training courses. Yes, salaries do not always compare with London salaries (though I have seen webdev jobs with fabulous salaries), but then neither does the cost of living, so it kind of works out. The quality of life is also much better if you're looking for sun, sea and a less urban existence.

I would highly recommend looking at Malta if you're skilled in technology areas: Systems, Networks, IT, gaming, web development (front and back), and all aspects of tech in education. I think careers can be developed easily here, once you find the right starting point, and if you work in these sectors.

My best choice for job search is KeepMePosted. But I also looked at Xpat Jobs and Malta Jobs a lot. Malta Jobs has a Facebook page - I'd also recommend the Smart City Facebook page as well as using LinkedIn for these kinds of job searches.

Remember, skills and qualifications are needed for these kinds of jobs, but if you have them, the jobs are there for the internationals.

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Hi Gosho 1991

people that come from different country have different scale to measure.
In Bulgaria the income is very little does not matter what king of job your going to do.
In England and Ireland the people receive good salary. So they compare with income in Malta.

Regards Maria

I agree with Maria the amount of wages is all relative to country. In the Philippines for example a standard salary per week for shop employees is about 6 euros. Yes, per week. Yet in the UK the minimum wage is £6.70 per hour and bus drivers get £11 per hour.

If you take into account Gozo and Malta rely strongly on tourism then that is the best route to find employment.

Gosho...6 euros is low, when you have to work 3 weeks a month to pay your rent, another 10 hours for internet and tv, and another 10 for electricity and then food and a social life...I take it you don't have children as well from how much you think you need to live on in Malta.

Everything is relative to the expense of  living in that country, earning 6 euros an hour in Bulgaria isn't the same as earning 6 euros an hour and living in Switzerland. Even in Malta itself, 6 euros an hour might be OK living in Gozo, but not in Valletta, Sleima, etc.

As others said it also depends on what standards of living you expect from life, I lived in Brazil for 12 years and lived well and cheaply on a low wage - but I wasn't going to the USA for shopping every year.

For adults minimum wage in the UK for over 25s will be 7.50...pounds...that's like 9 euros MINIMUM WAGE and I've found rent MORE expensive than the UK in central areas.

6 euros in peanuts. What does that buy you? Half a bag of groceries? What if you have kids?
It's also relative to how long you've existed I suppose. Gosho- you must be very young. When I was 16 I earned Cdn $5/hr which is about €3.50. A quarter of a century later and minimum wage has merely doubled... (same in Canada, roughly $10-11/hr). The cost of everything else has far more than doubled, trust me.
The difference between my generation and yours (I'm guessing you are 20 something) is that personal debt has become normal.

The hourly rate depends on the cost of living of the respective country.
5-6 Euros may be sufficient for Malta if you can still live for free at your parent's house, share a flat with other room mates or maybe have your own flat.
However, when you have to spend more than 500 Euros for a small flat there's not much left for life or some savings.
The company I'm working for are looking for another 10-15 workers for the production/assembly, but it's even hard to find Maltese who are willing to work for the "usual" local salary.  :rolleyes:

If you have a good command of the sought-after languages, it's quite easy to find a customer service job in the Online sector. I've applied 7 times and got the job at 5 companies, even without previous CS experience  :P It was a nice experience, though one day you will feel the need of doing something that makes (at least a little bit) sense  :/ . CS for Online gaming/betting you only make for the money ... and in 2 years those jobs will start to disappear from Malta anyway.


Why are you saying that this kind of jobs, like customer service, will dissapear from Malta in 2 years, if I may ask?


Just had a good experience how easy it is to find a job in Malta (at least in Online sector):
Someone posted in one of the many expat groups on Facebook that he is here now  :)  and needs a job. Within a few hours he received many replys from recruiters offering a job to him.
Where else do you not even have to search for a job, you just tell the world you are available now  :D

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