Hope to meet some Filipino expats

Hello! I'll be moving to Jakarta on the 22nd. Hopefully i'll meet some Filipino expats along the way! kaway kaway!  :cheers:

Hi JcDdreamer,

I created a new topic from your post on the Jakarta forum.

Hopefully you will get to make some acquaintances.

Good luck.

Thank you so much Bhavna! :)

Hi Jc...Im Pinoy living here in JKT...

Hi linoff! :) Thanks for your reply! Maybe we could meet up once I'm there already.

Sure! Would love that as I only have few friends here... Just hit me up when you're in town..

Hello, I'm from Pinas too :) Let's have some coffee once you're here. I lived in PIK ( roughly 10-15 minutes away from the airport)

Hi JC, pinoy here living in BSD. if you have time, it would be great to meet you. thanks...

Guys I'm here Bogor maybe I can join also. I feel so alone here Indonesia.

Im fairly new here in Jakarta. Any kababayans around?

hi,any filipinos in jakarta,who wants to hang out?

Hello everyone! Im very new here in Jakarta. Would be very interested to meet kababayans here ;)

welcome kabayan!

see you around in jakarta.

Hello expats!

MJ here,  just got here last Sunday.  Any meetup groups I can join? Hope to meet fellow Pinoys here in Jakarta!  :)

Hi mj,you can wa me for meet up.


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Hi there, Im new here in Jkt. I am also looking forward to meet some of my fellow kababayan🤗

Hi there, Im new here in Jkt. I am also looking forward to meet some of my fellow kababayan🤗

Hello there!
Hope to meet a friends here in jakarta
Im from davao philippine
Have a nice day.

Hi Iyah!

Welcome to Jakarta. Let me know if you want to meet up! :) Im relatively new in Jakarta as well.

welcome to jakarta All... always rainy here at kelapa gading jakarta utara.
kumusta kabayan

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From 2018!! May Pinoy pa ba dito??

I'm new here in Jakarta, hope I can meet and hangOut with my fellow Filipinos here in Jakarta.

message me pinoy singaporean here,if you need to meet up pinoy comunity at jakarta.


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