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I have been living in Campos for the last 3 months and will soon be bringing my family here to live for the next 3 years.
We do not speak Portuguese but will learn eventually. For now I am looking for a church somewhere between Campos and Macae.


Hello BPORT,

First of all, on behalf of everybody here at Expat-blog, welcome on board. I hope your participation here will be both enjoyable and informative.

I've been living in Macaé (northern-most area) quite close to Campos for the past 3 years and in Brazil for over 13. Since I'm completely fluent in Portuguese I haven't actively sought out any churches that have English language services, but will check around and see if I can find something here in Macaé and get back to you.

Who knows perhaps we can even get together some time to share experiences.

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Thanks for you help.

Welcome to Brazil! well l've been living here for over 7 years it's really difficult to get an English speaking church. while living in the northern part of Brazil,l was introduced to some Jehova witnesses who invited me to their service although l'm not a member of this church but my family has to attend because they have their services in English and Portugues  language so, l will advice you to look around for one we're all one body in christ no matter the denomination.

Take care.


Checked with the Baptist church here in Macaé yesterday, no luck there. They advised me that there is no longer a Baptist church that has services in English.

Will keep on trying with other churches and let you know if I come up with anything.

One question... Does the denomination really matter or are you ok with any Christian church that has English services?


Hey, I live near Campos.  The only English speaking church I know of is in Sao Paulo.  I go to a Baptist church here.  I have attended the Assembly of God to.  I go for the  sing along.  The people are very friendly..  I've also gone to the Catholic meetings.  There are two LDS churches in Campos.  My wife goes every Sunday.  They have English speaking missionaries.  I think one of the Bishops speaks some English.  I would go with my wife but I am not fluent in Portuguese and I can't take not understanding the messages.  It is a three hour span.  I'm an old guy.  I live here on the beach.  Good luck fining an English church.  Not many people speak English here.  I met some guy's that were American that had something to do with the University in Campos.  People pronounce Campos as Compos.

He's in Campos dos Goytacazes RJ, not Campos SP. I think that would be a bit too far for him to go for Sunday services, but thanks for the try. It is appreciated.


I am in campos  dos     Goytacasa also.  I mentioned Sao Paulo because I know there is a English speaking LDS church there.

Ok, now I got on the same page of the songbook.... sorry about that. I'll be checking the LDS church here in Macaé to see if they have services in English.

If you know where their church is in Campos, if you'd be so kind as to check with them it would be a great help.



I just happened to run across a supposedly bilingual (Eng/Port) church here in Macaé today. Unfortunately there was nobody around that I could speak to so I just noted down the information. I can contact them if you wish or you can do it yourself, to find out if they have services in English and if perhaps they even have a church in Campos dos Goytacazes.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God
Avenida Atlântica No. 236, Praia da Campista
Macaé - RJ

Telephone:  (22) 99746-3355
e-mail:  rccgmacae[at]hotmail.com
website:  www.rcch.org.br

According to their sign they have Sunday services from 10:00 am - 12 noon / 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

James    Expat-blog Experts Team

I would love to visit this Church? Do you have anymore information about them.

It is a Mormon or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in San Paulo.  I have only heard about it.  I don't have the times or location.  It is probably listed on the internet.  Look under Church of Jesus Christ of LDS San Paulo.

Hello guys. I am an entrepeneur and Presbyterian Pastor in Macaé. I would like to inform that we are going to start English Services at Ramada Plaza Hotel in Imbetiba this year. I hope you all attemp to our Worship. If you are interested, please contact me: (22) 98124-4283. Many blessings! Renato Prates.

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