Is it possible to launch an online shop with auto-entrepreneur?

Hey everyone,

I am new on this website and I hope to contribute as often as I can on this forum :)
I've been living in France for a year now and I would like to start my online shop. I've hear of the autoentrepreneur status and I think I'd be interested in having this one. However, I don't know if it's possible with what I want to do. Do you have any links of where I can find information in english because I'm not so good with the french... I've been browsing for a while but can't find anything on online business. Any help is welcomed!

Have a great day you all  :)

What kind of online business?

it  would be a shop selling home design objects I personalize myself such as vase, cushion, tableware...

Hi, you can find many information on APCE

Sweet, did not know they had an english version!! Thank you.

U r welcome. Good luck in your search. It is important to get a maximum of info be fore launching Ur business. Just created my own and a lot of administrative work!!!!! All the best!

If your French isn't good I recommend you avoid starting any kind of commercial relationship with French administration. They are bureaucratic, inflexible, monocultural and you will always come off worse.
There are other jurisdictions you can use if your preferred language is English e.g. UK, Ireland.

Yes Kevin , it is what I've heard also. I contacted Portail Autoentrepreneur which is a private website helping people to get the status and to do their billing. They told me they could assist me if I decide to go for it. However they told me that my website had to be in french if I wanted to sell online. So I guess I will try to improve my french first and call them when I'm ready.

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