Accommodation in baku

Hello friends I m going to Baku coming week, bit worried about the accommodation and life style.. Need ur precious comments

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Could you ask some precise questions?

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Hello Zahidkhan, well I worked and lived in Azerbaijan for two years - I am a British expat but now back in UK - and I can tell you now, it ain't cheap! Unless your company is paying for your accommodation, then you might find it difficult. I was also on a daily allowance and to be honest I didn't struggle but I knew of other people who did. As for things to do, unless you like going out to the pubs and dining in rather expensive restaurants, Baku doesn't have much going for it. Most of the people do not speak English and I always found that a bit of a problem. As for driving - forget it - Baku is a very dangerous place to drive a car. Hope this helps.

Life style is a modern similar to European type,
For accomodation please call ***
It is a safe place.
Only the problem is not every one speaks English.

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I will be glad if I can get your mobile number for effective communication....about accommodation in Azerbaijan...

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