moving to lagos with family - In which area do most Indians stay?


MY husband got offer from NETCO, so we are planning to move there with family. so few questions are there.

Is it safe to stay there ?

my kid is 5 year old so hows scool & medical facilities are there?

howz overall life for indians.

Lagos is a very safe place to live/stay. It all depends on the type of neighborhood you decide to live in. There is a very large population of Indians based in Lagos. Many are working full time while others are into one form of business or another. It is a place with so many opportunities, You will not regret it.

Thank you very much. Can u tell howz schooling..

Can u tell me in which area most of d indian stays?


Hello there ,
Most of the Indians study in Indian language school , Ilupeju. CBSE syllabus. School is functioning from more than 30 years.
Illupeju has many Indian grocery shops and  temple  , so you will find many Indians staying there. Apart from that VI ,ikoyi, Apapa, Ikeja and Lekki are the preferred locations.


Hi Reshma

  As Nidhi rightly stated, Indians mostly stay in Ilepeju, Ikeja areas in mainland. Apapa is the port area. Indians also stay in Victoria Island (VI), Ikoyi, Lekki  (phase 1 and phase 2) areas in what is called Island.

  Indian Language School (ILS) is established . There are some good International Schools too but the fees may be quite substantial and be a strain if thats not part of the offer letter from the company one is working with.

School and office locations influence a lot where one intends to stay as traffic and mode of transportation plays a big role in Lagos. In traffic, it can take hours to reach few kilometers and can be a big stress.

  Lagos is a pretty safe location (safer than many of the Indian cities for sure).

  Expats tend to go to specific medical hospitals/ clinics and its advisable to carry daily or essential medicines with you as medication can be costly.


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There is an Indian dominated community at Ilupeju in Lagos. They have Indian stores and eateries too. You'll feel like you're in Delhi

Hi Friends
I am an Enterprise IT Architect & I have got an Job opportunity from Lagos Nigeria to work for Huawei . The contract is for 2 years.
Due to purely feasibility part in terms of PR/VISA expenses ([at] own cost) for Canada/Australia i have been trying for international job opportunities in SingaPore/UAE since last 8 months & so. Finally it happened to be Lagos      Offer is  [at] par what one gets in any part of world for IT Architect if not better.  Apart from Salary in USD they would provide-
Medical Insurance
Annual leave with air tickets (for self & family)
Monthly Car allowance
Had it been case of UAE/SingaPore i wouldn’t have had any 2nd thought but one doesn’t get all his wishes. Since its Nigeria there are some jittery/anxiety.
I have done my fare share of analysis reading various blogs/other social network websites, also have been scanning Nigeria newspaper in between. I understand crime & violence are everywhere in world & quite pragmatic in that sense – would worry as much as if somebody depute me to J&K/NE Or Naxal region of Andhrapradesh for say in India not to mention few countries in Latin America & in Gulf Region.
As per my research my understanding is –Nigeria has certain challenges [at] political front since there is new Government, & NE region of Nigeria has its own share of fight/issue with Militant/Insurgency Group. How much these factors effect life of expats/job stability in general.
Any inputs/feedback will be highly appreciated as i have to make some decision in quick time –i am supposed to join in August end.

Best Regards

Hi Reshma,

Lagos is the safest place in nigeria to stay and hope fully your husband company will provide you home in ilupeju,Ikeja or Victoria Island these all places most of the indian company used to provide stay for expats and for children here is one indian school Indian Language school where most of the indian child use to study and normally company pay the fees for the child and other here in lagos have few international school are there in which parents have to pay fees by themselves and that are quite expensive.
rest for medical facitlity its not so good as good as india as so expensive.

Hope this information help you to take decision
For any other information feel free to mail me on ***


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