Driving license procedure

Can someone guide me procedure to get a driving license in Brussels. I wanted to give the theory test to get a  temporary license. Can i give the theory test in English language? Where can i get theory test book in English if i want to purchase?

Welcome to Belgium very seldom you will hear this, if you never had a license before, then you may have to go through the normal procedure and that is, you should visit a drivers school, there you can get most of the right answers. If you already have a driving license from any European member states than all you need is to get a transfer. You can do this at your local police station, but check with them first. *If you can scratch a little dutch out of your language, and who ever is attending is Flemish your in luck he/she will in most cases answer in English, if hes french good luck with that.(*personal experience) Good luck!

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