Need advise to get a job in Europa

Hi i am Indonesian i will going to Europa next few months And i need advise how to get a job there and where the best place ? I have a multi entry schengen visa right now  and have been a few times went to Netherlands.I have a plan If  i get an employeer whos like to hire me there, then i will go back to Indonesia to make the papers.Is that possible to get a job as a housekeeper /nanny etc in Europa ? Thank you

Hello sussie123 :)

Please note that we have a section JOBS, found on the overhead green banner, for hosting adverts of people seeking or offering work.

Choose amongst the 51 Destinations ( on the right hand side of your screen ) and drop an advert in the Jobs section.

You may also want to browse the Guide, also found on the overhead green banner, of each destination to gather information of how to get work.

Wish you luck in your search.

Kenjee Team

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